Update to THIS post: I’m still having a lot of trouble breathing; spent a good chunk of Friday at an urgent care facility after yet another bad scare. I have a nebulizer machine to help me breathe at home and am heavily medicated with a bunch of other stuff to try to open my airways and stop the horrible bronchial spasms. I got 4 hours sleep last night which is a huge improvement over the past few weeks but I’m still just wiped out. This all started because a few weeks ago when my asthma started acting up, the rescue inhaler that would have fixed the problem with two puffs was not available because the stupid government outlawed it and replaced it with inhalers that contain a poison called HFA which I cannot tolerate and that not only didn’t stop my asthma attacks but made them worse and sickened me to the point where I developed pneumonia. My asthma was such a rare occurrence for me that my old reliable inhaler lasted me for a few years after the EPA banned them, and that’s why I am only feeling the life threatening effects now. Here is a site where you can learn about how the federal government is killing innocent people to appease climate change hoaxers and hysterics despite the fact that there is no proof that safe effective asthma inhalers where hurting the environment at all. Please sign the petition to bring back life saving CFC inhalers!

I will get better, and before this suffocation I WAS finally starting to come back from the tick-sick, in fact the asthma awakening is actually a sign that my broken immune system is back online (and over-reacting). However, with no portable rescue inhaler that I can carry with me to save me in an unexpected emergency, I will be basically a shut-in because it will be dangerous for me to venture far from my house where the nebulizer machine is, so I need to save up for a portable machine that I can carry with me, and those cost between $150-$200. The medicines that go into the nebulizer machines are expensive as well; I had to borrow $181 on Friday for ONE WEEK’S SUPPLY, but once I get past this current respiratory illness, hopefully my asthma will go back to its previous existence as a rare occurrence so the meds should last me a long time even though I am burning through them right now.

So that’s what’s going on with me, in case if you were wondering. I am still alive, although I have had some very frightening close calls in the past few weeks where I wondered if I might NOT live to see the next day. I am getting better though, I think, but still very weak and very tired, so it may be a bit before I have anything of interest up at the Zilla blog or at Batshit Crazy News, but we have wonderful writers who’ve been doing awesome stuff at both sites and I hope you are enjoying their work.


This post is linked at The Lonely Conservative (thanks!) in post that has something FAR more disturbing about the EPA than just them taking away the life saving inhalers from 40 million Americans who suffer with respiratory problems: Obama’s EPA has conducted dangerous experiments on living human beings that involved putting them in freaking GAS CHAMBERS. People need to know about this, please go read it all right now.


UPDATE – October 4, 2012 11:00 PM:

I really do have some of the best readers and friend in all of blogdom, and I love you all. A few readers reached out and helped me to pay for some for the meds that I needed refills on (because I am taking like a dozen different things now) and one very special reader, Ed, sent me enough help that I was able to purchase the portable nebulizer machine that will give me back a large chunk of my life and my freedom! It is due to arrive here tomorrow and I can hardly wait! It’s my understanding that this is the best device available for the particular meds that I need to use and that it delivers the medicine much more efficient and effectively, so it ought to help speed my recovery and get me breathing like a normal person again.The machine that I have now is nearly 20 years old, huge, and noisy, and it takes over 20 minutes to do a treatment. The new machine should cut the tie I have to sit around inhaling meds by at least half, and my old machine is supposed to have filters that need to be regularly changed, but I don’t have them so whatever old filter is in there is the one that gets used and I’m sure that’s not exactly healthy to do! The new little machine doesn’t require filter cartridges so that will be good, and it’s something I can take with me everywhere so once I am over this infection I won’t have to worry about some random asthma attack dropping me if I’m out and about the way I have to now since I no longer have a rescue inhaler in my purse thanks to the freaking tyrants at the EPA and their cult-like devotion to junk science.

I have been slowly getting better; in the past two days I’ve managed to sleep more at night and not wake choking and gasping until 5 or 6 am, and that’s a lot more sleep than I had been getting the past few weeks while I was up choking every 45 minutes to an hour after each time I managed to fall asleep, all night long! The man who recommended the new machine to me, who also happens to run the campaign to bring back our inhalers, says that it may even work better than the CFC inhaler that had kept my asthma from being much of a problem for over 30 years (before the freaking EPA tyrants made them illegal). So YAY! I’m still about a grand in the hole from the emergency doctor visits, lab tests, x-rays, and then all new the medications, so any hits to ye olde tip jar would still be greatly appreciated and very helpful.

On Sunday, I make the long 100 mile round trip to see my tick-sick specialist (I WAS finally showing lots of improvement from THAT before I lost my ability to breathe properly, hopefully once that issue is dealt with I can continue to improve), and I had been really freaked out over what might happen if I had asthma problems on the long drive between my house and the Dr’s office since I no longer have a life saving rescue inhaler, but now that I know I’ll have what I need with me, I feel a lot better about it. Of course I still have to fill the danged gas tank (thanks for the high prices, Obama! It’s $4.25 for a gallon of regular now here) and pay for the appointment and all the usual stuff, and they want to do blood work which is an extra expense for the labs, so any help with that would be super awesome too, but knowing that a random asthma flare is not likely to kill me it I leave my house is a tremendous weight off my shoulders anyway.

Thank you to everyone who has also offered kind words of support and prayers, they mean a lot to me!


This post is linked at The Conservatory in a post by Dan Collins who also explains that our blog friend Patterico really needs help, and Dan’s post also has tons of great links to various doings around the Dextrosphere, so please be sure to pay a visit to The Conservatory. Thanks, Dan!


This post is also linked again at The Lonely Conservative, who is dealing with more than her fair share of really bad people and also writes about some other rotten things that are going on which you should know about. Thanks, Karen!


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