A Vision of Liberty

This is one of the best quotes ever. Out of all the pro-liberty quotes that often float around the internet, THIS is the one that most perfectly sums up my own feelings about my country and our future. If someone were to ask me, “What is your dream for the future of America?”, I would answer “A nation full of happy children studying philosophy, science, mathematics, agriculture, and the arts, unconcerned with dark things such as war and political machinations. Because in my dream future there wouldn’t be a need for political machinations or war. Philosophy and the arts don’t breed war; they breed peace and stability, liberty and progress.” If someone ask me what my dream child would be, I would answer “A son–American born and raised–with degrees in philosophy and theology who makes his living on a farm, reads the classics, knows foreign film, speaks three languages, does volunteer work with sick children, and paints in his spare time.” That would be my dream child. 

Barack Obama’s dreams were fantasies and myths about his dead-beat father who abandoned him. Myths and convolutions force-fed to the young Barry. Not American dreams. Not dreams for who he could become. Not dreams of personal empowerment. Not dreams about peace and progress. There’s nothing about Barack Obama’s own words that proves his dreams were anything but fantasies that bred a hateful, self-loathing, anti-American, bitter racist who never achieved anything on his own, but had everything handed to him. 

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