A Note to Democrats Concerning Your Brains

Regarding this graphic, Tumblr patriot “instaconservative” wrote:

I believe this accurately describes the average Obama supporter. Right? #obama #supporter #stupid #dependant #small #brain #pea #welfare #foodstamps #accesscard #survival #rabbit #girl #stupidliberals #noobama #conservative #liberals #liberalogic #republican #democrat #romney #romney2012 #romneyryan2012

Well, Democrats, it’s not as if we think this way irrationally, or that we just spend our time unfairly maligning you. It’s that you prove over and over, every single day, how narrow-minded and Group Think-motivated you are. You prove that your entire ideology is based on shallow, insignificant issues that are centered around minority groups rather than around the country’s national and global needs. This translates to “haven’t got one shit to give about anyone but myself and my own special interests”.

And you are very cultish about it. It’s all talking points, memorized scripts, memes, and other types of propaganda. Sorry, Democrats, that’s just not a sign of intelligence. When you have to get your political and cultural ideas from Tumblr memes, or Facebook talking points, or from what Hollywood celebrities posting on their Twitter feeds, you can’t be expected to be praised as paradigms of independent thought. You can’t, because you have no intellectual independence.

And that intellectual dependence upon the The Group/The Cult trickles down to dependence in all other areas, which is why you have such  a hard-on for welfare, free birth control, free cheese, EBT cards, hand-outs, freebies, government-funded abortions, and any other “entitlement” you can get your grubby hands on without having to work or pay for it yourself. So this is why we say you have brains the size of peas. Because you think and act like people with brains the size of peas. Truly, we don’t mean to be cruel, but you need to be called out. 

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