Zilla Blog Post Mentions

We’ve been getting some mentions lately. Thanks to all these righteous Conservative bloggers for paying attention to us. We really love it, and love being with you on the Right side of the War of Ideas which the world is presently engaged in. 

Lady Raven’s Whiskey in a Jar: We won a “Bitter Clinger” blog award for our spank-down on Obama. Thank you so much. May our bitterness cling until Obama is voted out. Or arrested for treason.

What Would the Founders Think?: We got a lovely mention on their Sunday Links roundup last week.

Conservative Hideout 2.0: Got a nice mention for our “Meltdown” post from last week in which we commented on Obama’s embarrassing mishandling of the Muslim world.

Conservative Hideout and What Would the Founders Think also mentioned our post on the UN Chief’s deplorable statement on Free Speech and “insulting” Islam.

* If I missed anyone, I am sorry. I’m new at tracking pings and trackbacks and such *



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