Wow. I Missed My Own Blogiversary!

The 2 year birthday of the Zilla blog came and went on August 31! Oh my! I’ve been so distracted this past week with getting my older kid ready for back to school, my younger kid’s birthday, and of course the danged tick-sick, that my own Blogiversary passed me by! Luckily, my friends came up with an idea for a big Blog Party here this week, so we’ll be having a whole lot of fun anyway! There will be a multi-blogger Blog Party to mock this week’s D&C Convention with a live-blogging event and open thread that starts this Tuesday, check out the post my friend BC put up for it:

Live Blogging Here At Zilla’s For The 2012 DNC Freak-show!

Happy belated Blogiversary to me!



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