Norway Appoints 1st Ever Muslim Minister of Culture

Did your eyeballs go all loop-de-looped when you just read that? 

Srsly, Norway? A Muslim minister of culture? Can you get any more oxymoronic than that?

Islam? Culture? The two mix together like oil and water. Or like bacon and Ramadan. Or like peace and the Koran. Or like holiness and Mohammed. 

And why did the Norwegian Prime Minister make this decision? To make Muslims in Scandinavia feel better about the Anders Brievik massacre. That massacre in which NO MUSLIMS WERE HARMED OR KILLED


The appointment was made as part of a cabinet reshuffle by Stoltenberg. The move is being applauded by Muslims and seen as an apt response to last year’s shooting, which left nearly 70 people dead. It also ends criticism in Norway that minority groups can’t find themselves a place in the country’s politics.

Minority representatives in the country have welcomed the decision. Head of the Norwegian-Bosnian Culture Association Miralem Becirovic said a Muslim being appointed as a minister in Europe was a rare incident. He also said the appointment was a source of pride for minorities in the country.

“We are very positive on this issue. Tajik also serves as an inspiration to foreigners in the country giving the message that they also have a chance of being appointed to high posts.” Becirovic also said he wanted to extend his best wishes to the new minister in her new career.

Head of the Oslo Somali Women and Children Association Istarnil Isak said Tajik’s appointment was an inspiration for immigrants in Norway. “Tajik’s appointment as minister, representing Norway’s immigrant community at such a high level is a positive thing for future generations. I am very hopeful and I wish to see more people in similar positions.”

Rafi Ullah, a representative of the Norwegian Pakistani immigrant community, said he believed Tajik will serve as a bridge between immigrants and locals in Norway. He said Tajik was not a representative of only Muslims in Norway, but of all foreigners.


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