[UPDATED] Left-Wing Filmmaker: “Islam is Radical to the Core”

I encourage all to watch this short interview and share/re-blog it all over. Erick Allen Bell set out to make a documentary film about a mega mosque being built in the southern Baptist heartland of Tennessee, and the fierce opposition from that community towards the building of that mosque. As a typical Left-wing Democrat, Bell was determined to prove the Christians were simply bigoted towards Islam and were against the mosque in a territorial war. However, during his research for his film, Bell got an eyeful of what Islam really is…and it ain’t “peace”. His is a very important voice for freedom and against the jihad for America today.

Okay, the embedding isn’t working for me. So sorry. Click the link for the video here.


Here is another video (about 7.5 minutes long, so really it will take only a blip of time out of your day to watch it) interview with Eric Allen Bell, this time on the Michael Coren show. It is even better than the video posted above. In this one, Bell talks about the defining moment when he started to “pay attention” to the truth about Islam: it was during a cab ride in which the driver, a Coptic Christian, told Bell that he was “terrified the Muslims would take over Egypt”. That was at the height of the so-called “Arab Spring”, which Bell now refers to as the “Arab Winter”. And now what has happened? THE MUSLIMS HAVE TAKEN OVER EGYPT. I have so much respect for Eric Allen Bell. His film is going to be righteous like a boss.


Thanks to Zilla for this find! Here’s Eric Allen Bell’s article for Frontpage Magazine in which he writes about how the Muslims have put a bounty on his head. I was not aware of this. I was only vaguely aware of Bell’s film and the events surrounding it until I first posted earlier today. I had a very busy day and would have liked to write more on this topic. As Bell rightly points out, you have to wonder why if a religion is so peaceful and so full of benevolence for humankind, why do Muslims want to kill people for talking about it? What is it in Islam that Muslims want to keep people from talking about? You can attack a Christian all you want about the Bible, the life of Jesus, and Christian doctrine…the Christians won’t try to kill you! They LOVE talking about Jesus. They will dialogue with you as long as you are willing and want to listen. So what gives, Islam?

Strangely however, I don’t see followers of Jesus Christ storming embassies, burning flags, gang raping an Ambassador, rioting in the streets chanting “death to America!” or putting a bounty on anybody’s head.  I’m not a follower of Jesus Christ personally, but I did grow up in a family that was a big part of his fan club.  And I do recall from years of Sunday school that Jesus did teach something about forgiveness and loving your neighbor.  Come to think of it, he set bar pretty high, because he said to love your neighbor as yourself.  And unlike the illiterate, blood-thirsty savage Muhammad, he never said to “strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers”.  And what holy man would utter such belligerent nonsense unless he was riddled with insecurities and scared to death of being found out for being a con artist, a child rapist and a thief?

So why are the followers of Muhammad so touchy?  Do they suffer from the same insecurities that Muhammad did?  Why do their fragile feelings get hurt so easily?  Why do so many of Muhammad’s deeply delusional followers demand we respect their imaginary “prophet” or else face death threats, rioting, violence and destruction?  Why are we expected to pretend that this self-proclaimed “prophet” is beyond criticism and to roll over when his followers attack our First Amendment right to free speech?


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