A Few Things I’d Rather Not Talk About…

So THIS and THIS are still happening, and escalating, and a moronic cretin is still running around saying outrageous stuff up about me – Harry Reid style – using imaginary unnamed sources and offering no proof (because there isn’t any, as everything the corpulent coprophagous jackass spews are all blatant lies) of the insane things he is saying, but while no person with any intelligence bothers to read his vile diatribes, of course gullible fools, who have a agenda to attack Conservatives, have been parroting the lies as if they were truth.

The fat freak says that I’m not sick, and that I’ve never been sick – how I wish that were true! – and that my tip jar (which tends to be empty most of the time but is used to help cover my enormous medical bills and travel expenses related to getting the specialized care that I require) has been used to send my husband to rehab (in the 13 years that I have been with my husband, I have only seen him even get “tipsy” twice and never since we became parents) and to take my kids to Disney World (I have never in my entire life been to Disney, and my children have never left New York State even once in their entire young lives, in fact, I have not left New York State even for a single day since long before my kids were born). I have no idea if the lying jackass is simply pulling lies out of his big lazy ass or if he has me confused with some other person, but everything the creep says about me is a lie. Go fuck yourself Chuck, and you too, Seth, for parroting his douche-baggery to try to Twitter-troll me, you can just to hell, Mr. Loser who turns on absolutely everyone who has ever tried to help him. Drop dead, both of you.

And that’s all that I have to say right now about all of that crap.

Now some of my regular readers have inquired about my health, and if you haven’t noticed, I am not the person who has been doing most of the blogging here or at the new site; I don’t have good news. You may recall that I had explained about how the tick-sick had destroyed my immune system to the point that it was too damaged to react to allergens and other irritants which meant that for a while my asthma and allergies really didn’t bother me and also I was not catching colds even after being exposed to them via my family. A few weeks ago my allergies started going nuts, but it was mostly manageable with prescription and OTC antihistamines and decongestants, but then my asthma decided to join the party, and every single night I have been waking up several times choking, gasping, and wheezing. For a little while, my inhaler would be enough to handle it well enough so that I could go back to sleep after a short time, but then my inhaler ran out and when I got a new one, it wasn’t the same because the damned government forced drug companies to remove the CFCs that propel life saving medicine into closed up lungs with something called HFA which not only does not push the medicine hard enough to get into narrowed bronchial tubes, but is also something that I apparently have a sensitivity to and it has made my condition gradually worse to the point where all day and all night I am choking and wheezing and last night was the worst night of all in that I honestly feared for my life when I could not draw a even a shallow breath to get some of the medicine inside of my lungs which were in full spasm. I do have an old nebulizer machine that my dad used to use when he was alive (he died in 2001) and I have some medicine for it that expired in 2004 which I used anyway because I prefer not to die, and it has worked – sort of, it just doesn’t last as long or do as effective a job as fresher medicine would (it’s albuterol, in case you were wondering). there is not much to do about that as I cannot afford to see a yet another doctor right now and even if I could, I can’t afford to buy fresh medicine.

There is so much going on in the world that I’d like to be writing about, and the worse I feel the less I want to talk about it (which is why I have put off writing about my health lately), but when you can’t breathe, little else matters – and I can’t freakin’ breathe. Luckily, there are wonderful writers keeping my sites going and hopefully at some point this suffocation will pass. In the mean time, please enjoy the posts that my friends have been writing, and if you don’t mind, say a prayer or two for me (and of course I wold not object to anyone hitting my tip jar if they were so inclined).


UPDATE January 9, 2013: Patrick/Chuck/Charles Adkins DID eventually apologize to me and retract his accusations after Peter Da Tech Guy visited me in the hospital, which is where I ended up a few weeks after originally publishing this post after my ability to breathe continued to deteriorate. Peter has a post about that, and video of me at looking terrible at the hospital, HERE. As far as I am aware, Seth Allen still thinks I am part of some grand right wing conspiracy or something, but I am not sure because I stopped paying him any kind of attention a long time ago due to his attacks on me after I had tried to be a friend to him so, whatever.


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