Post Health Scare Follow-Up – Updated

I am still here and I am still fighting.

I had to go to the Emergency Room on Wednesday because I had severe neck pain and stiffness that was combined with fever, chills, and a headache, which are symptoms of meningitis and my doctor wanted me to go to the hospital to have that ruled out (but I have no idea if I had it because the people at the ER turned into jerks when they learned that I am in treatment for late stage advanced Lyme, and you can read why this condition causes medical “professionals” to act like dicks towards the afflicted HERE). My neck still hurts, but it has been slowly improving, thank God, but something else is happening that I think is worth noting:

The same day that the head/neck thing started was also the first day in many years that I woke up without the relentless grinding pain from deep within my bones! Every single day for well over a decade, upon waking each morning I was greeted with horrible pain from deep inside my bones which is the most severe in my shin bones and the straight bones on the tops of my feet – every single freaking day – some days were worse than others, but I never had a day where that pain wasn’t there until six days ago.

Today marks the sixth consecutive day that the deep bone pain is not there, I do not have words to express what that means to me, but it is a huge development! I still have joint pain and nerve pain, and I still have that miserable itchy blister rash, and I am still fighting waves of extreme nausea along with my weird temperature fluctuations (from 97 degrees to 101 +, up and down repeatedly all day long and every day), and some other annoying things going on, and of course I am still riding out whatever the hell caused the pain and stiffness in my neck and the bizarre headache, but my bone marrow does not hurt and that feels like a miracle to me because that hard to describe misery (which I could never get any doctor to understand or even acknowledge before I began seeing my specialist) has been a constant in my life for so very long that I thought it would simply be my fate to have it forever. I know it could come back and that freaks me out a bit, but it is so nice to have it go away that I will be grateful for it for however long it lasts as it is an incredible blessing in the midst of this nightmare I have been living through.

Hopefully this means that I am finally getting the upper hand against this illness, but I still have a long ways to go and will need to continue treatment if I want to get better and if I don’t want to backslide into what would probably be something even worse that what I have already suffered, but I still need help to do that until I am well enough so that I can either get a job at night when my husband can watch the kids or I become well enough to make a living from home, the bleg continues. Please help if you can, and, of course, prayers are still very much appreciated – I know that it is your prayers that have helped me throughout all of this and I very grateful for them, thank you.

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I’m going to wrap this post up now because sitting at the computer still aggravates my neck and I don’t want it to get bad again before it is done getting better, and also because there is a blog post I want to do soon about some interesting news that I came across about Mitt Romney that I have not seen anyone else blogging about and I don’t want to burn myself out doing this post before I can get to that one, so let me just close this up by saying thank you all for your help, encouragement, and prayers, and may the good Lord richly bless everyone who has been kind to me as I continue to fight to get back my life back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I really do love you all.


Update – August 22, 2012 7:40 AM:
This morning marks the ninth consecutive day that I have woken up without that intolerable and relentless deep bone pain that was a constant in my life, every single day of my life, since the late 1990s! I still have joint, muscle, and nerve pain, and bouts of intense severe nausea, along wiht some other annoyances (like that damned itchy blister rash), but it is amazing to me to not have that horrible pain which came from deep inside of my bones! Also, two nights ago I noticed that I could feel my toes; they had been completely numb (aside from occasional stabbing pain or the sensation that there were things crawling inside of them) for over five years until they “woke up” the other night, and that is pretty cool. I still have a long row to hoe, and I still need help if I am to continue my fight, but these are good signs that I may finally be making some headway, and for the first time I have some real reason to hope for better days ahead. It is still too soon to stop the medicines because that would result in a relapse that would likely find me in worse shape than I was in before I started getting care for this, and stopping too soon would make it harder to fight if I were to begin again because then the pathogens would have had a chance to regroup and become resistant, so the specter of having to stop treatment due to lack of resources to fund that care is more frightening than ever. Please help if you can.


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