Mitt Romney Makes a Bold Stand…

Mitt Romney has taken a courageous stand and it speaks well of his character. The Republican Presidential candidate has weighed in on the Lyme Disease controversy and he has made his stand on the side of Medical Freedom for the afflicted and for the small minority of physicians who are willing to risk their very careers to help save the lives of the desperately ill people who have been cast aside by the mainstream medical establishment.

There are two sides in the “Lyme Wars”, the controversy over Lyme Disease (and related tick borne illnesses), one side is totalitarian in nature, fueled by conflicts of interest, cronyism, and corruption, and that is the side that has dominated mainstream medicine decades. The totalitarian side of the Lyme Wars holds a very rigid and narrow view of the disease and refuses to adjust or correct that view regardless of existing and emerging evidence that refutes it. This results in very sick people going undiagnosed/misdiagnosed (often for many years) and being subject to mockery and negligence by mainstream medical “professionals”, and it also results in the persecution of the handful of brave and dedicated doctors won’t toe that narrow ideological line and who literally risk everything to help those desperately ill people, who have been left to rot by the medical establishment. The other side represents Medical Freedom; the freedom for people seek and receive proper diagnosis and treatment for Lyme Disease and other tick borne diseases and for doctors to have the freedom to provide the kind of care that will help their patients regain health and function without fear of repercussion from the small minority of highly powerful people who deny that late stage advanced (or chronic) Lyme Disease even exists or that it can be effectively treated with long term antibiotics despite all the evidence to the contrary of the medical totalitarians’ view.

Lyme Disease is not just a debilitating bacterial infection, it is also a “political disease” – but it is nonpartisan in who it strikes, and the villains and heroes involved in the controversy come from across the political spectrum which makes it bipartisan as well. Mitt Romney sides with the heroes.
Via Lyme Disease Association:

Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney sent a letter to Congressman Christopher H. Smith (NJ) and Frank Wolf (VA) applauding their work “to bring attention to the need to address Lyme disease,…indicating he has “seen, as governor of Massachusetts, its devastating impact as it has spread from throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic, including states such as New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.”

The letter indicates as president, he would work to ensure that government agencies work with patients, researchers, and doctors, to ensure all scientific viewpoints are heard. That appears to be a reference to a Tick-Borne Diseases Advisory Committee that is contained within HR 2557, a bill introduced by Congressman Smith and co-sponsored by Congressman Wolfe. (Click here for information on the Lyme Bill) That committee has been a focus of past bills also introduced by Mr. Smith and supported by Mr. Wolf.   RTR

Read the letter from Mitt Romney HERE (pdf). Mitt Romney clearly understands the problem in a way that far too many people do not. Mitt Romney supports Medical Freedom for people who are afflicted with Lyme and other Tick Borne Diseases and for those in the medical community who are willing to help to save the lives of those people. As I have explained previously, it is a lack of Medical Freedom that has caused so much suffering for thousands of people for so many years, and Mitt Romney’s electoral opponent’s plans will take away the existing Medical Freedom that is currently enjoyed by people who have not yet been afflicted with this “controversial” illness, and it will further hamstring the Lyme Disease community by making the already difficult to obtain lifesaving care very likely impossible to get and possibly illegal. It is also worth noting that this is an affliction that has stricken people in every state in the USA, including swing states, IYKWIM.

Please support the H.R. 2557 bill that will to help ensure that more people who become infected with Lyme and other TBDs do not end up suffering for years, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, and untreated (and often given dangerous and incorrect treatment due to being given the wrong diagnosis – incorrect treatment that often makes the true illness far worse), as the disease destroys their lives and ravages their bodies, and that those who are afflicted with late stage advanced Lyme and other Tick Borne Diseases (I am one of those people) will not have to struggle as much as they do now to get proper care while suffering the additional injuries of derision, scorn, and negligence from medical “professionals” who refuse to acknowledge the truth about this illness.

Here are some resources for more information about advanced late stage Lyme and other Tick Borne Diseases:

Medical Freedom, Lyme Disease, and Obamacare

International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society – ILADS

Lyme Project

Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic by Pamela Weintraub

Watch the documentary film Under Our Skin, I have a free version of it viewable HERE

If you would like to help me in my own personal fight against this medical nightmare, you can do so HERE.

Thank you, Mitt Romney, for standing up for seriously ill, vulnerable, and, largely forgotten people, and for joining the fight to help make their voices finally be heard.


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