Crapweasel Joshua Scott Albert Advocates for Mitt Romney to be Murdered, and is a fan of Cop Killers

Joshua Scott Albert was previously known to some Philadelphia locals as a vile little hate blogger, who is an ex-busboy or something, who had a thing for trashing the restaurant industry, before he expanded his vitriol to glorify the murder of police officers, and now he has added publicly calling for Mitt Romney to be assassinated to his disgraceful resume. The nasty little freak is also an occupooper. What a surprise. Here’s a picture of the creep:

There will be no link from me to his foul blog, called “Staphmeal”, but if you’re into pictures of male genitalia, antisemitism, and leftist new m-fing tone style “civility”, go ahead and Google the loser. He has also created facebook pages calling for assassinations of other public Conservatives, including Paul Ryan, according to his disgusting blog. If you want to see more pictures of his big ugly forehead, he is also on facebook, and if you’d like to read douchey racist and sexist tweets advocating for Conservative women to get raped, you can see that on the dingus’s Twitter.

Victor Fiorillo at the Philly Post interviewed the deranged leftist moron, and I cannot help but notice that Albert’s deranged idiocy bears a striking resemblance to a certain other slow-witted, demented, hateful blogger who likes to publicly attack and threaten Conservatives. The Secret Service is now investigating Joshua Scott Albert for his assassination advocacy.


H/T Larwyn’s Linx at Doug Ross


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