Because Darkness Hates the Light – ROLL CALL!

Evil acts against innocent people will not be stopped and will only worsen unless if good people rise up to make it stop.

The same cretins who’ve been committing identity theft against me ever since that Political Moms blogger contest this past spring have also been doing it to The Lonely Conservative (who won the contest) in addition to far, FAR, worse – and it has been escalating:

If you’re a regular reader you’re aware of the harassment I’ve endured since the Top 25 Political Moms contest this past spring. It all started when a few of us conservative bloggers noticed that the progressive bloggers were extremely far-left and they were telling their readers to vote for their blogs because they wouldn’t want a conservative winning and spreading “dangerous family values.” Well, that got our ire up a little bit, so we responded in kind, and dubbed some of them “commie mommies.” It’s not like one or two of them didn’t already refer to themselves that way, so we didn’t see any harm in it. No big deal, right? To make a long story short, they tried to get us disqualified, so we all agreed to remove any negative posts about the competition.

You would think the story would have ended there, but it didn’t. That’s where it begins. (This is the “civil” left we’re dealing with, remember.) Before the contest ended, people using fake IP addresses started trying to post vile, rotten comments here. The comments all were put in a cue awaiting moderation and each was automatically emailed to me individually. On the night I found out I had won the contest I was at an event at my son’s school. I checked my email and the first one that appeared was a comment calling me the “c” word, and it wasn’t “commie mommy.” It turns out that was one of the nicer comments they’ve left.

Since then I’ve amassed nearly one hundred pages of disgusting, hateful and threatening messages. They’ve said that I (and all of you conservative readers) have no place in this world. They’ve told me to slit my own throat. They’ve called me every foul name you can think of. They’ve insulted my husband, accused me of molesting my children and threatened to report me to my local school board. They impersonated my husband and contacted a local divorce attorney. They tried to have pornographic sex toys catalogues sent to my home. They have sent emails on my behalf to my elected representatives advocating for policies I disagree with completely. They’ve signed me up for more email spam than anyone could possibly do in his or her spare time. (As of this moment I have 1630 emails in my spam folder.) They’ve called my home using Caller ID spoofing software or websites. They’ve let me know they know where I live. There isn’t time to list everything, but you get the gist of it.  – READ THE REST

There is good reason to believe that whoever is behind the stalking, identity theft, and harassment is associated with Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and his free-speech hating band of thugs. As The Lonely Conservative explains in her post about the nightmare that she has had to endure.

The freaks who have terrorized Karen (and even attacked her family) have been stepping up their cruelty. Earlier this week, they sent her a fake email “from” Wombat-socho of The Other McCain that supposedly contained an excerpt of an email that was “from” Stacy McCain which said vile and disturbing things about Karen, obviously in the hopes that it would destroy friendships and ruin Stacy’s reputation as well. The identity thieving stalker trolls likely expected for Karen to see it and publicly lash out at Stacy in response, but these criminals underestimated their targets and the hoax was quickly debunked, and important clues about who may be behind the criminal acts that have been ongoing since April have revealed themselves. The vile cretins failed in their wicked ploy. Here are some responses from the Dextrosphere to these latest acts of evil:

Wombat says that those jerks have messed with the WRONG people and now it’s Game ON.

Stacy holds Neal Rauhauser personally responsible, and invokes the dreaded War Oath of Clan Cameron: How’s Your Gaelic, Neal Rauhauser? Also be sure to read the following related posts at The Other McCain: Because Liars Hate Truth, Poison Pen E-Mail and the Harassment of The Lonely Conservative, and of course, The Kimberlin Files.

WJ Hoge correctly calls those responsible for this wickedness Cowardly Thugs.

Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook has been brought up to speed about all of this, and she is not amused. Read: Harassed and Hacked (Hacked Off): Unreal Saga for My Blogging Friends

Big Fur Hat fills in the readers at iOwnTheWorld about what’s been going on, and he has a reaction that most upstanding red-blooded men feel when they see women being abused. Read: Remember the Top Political Moms Contest? And be sure to check the comments section there as well, because, as always, the iOTW comments section friends have a lot to say that is well worth reading!

Dan Collins at The Conservatory is all over this as well, and notes how common it has become for Conservative women to be subjected to the most vicious and vile attacks from leftists (those same leftists who are always screaming about the imaginary Republican “War on women” and claim to be all about women’s rights – the hypocrites). Read: Lonely Conservative, Other Women Harassed by Beandog Types – here is an excerpt:

Ever since The Lonely Conservative won a spot in a list of Top 25 Mommy Bloggers, she’s been the target of coordinated harassment from leftists, from false comments made in her apparent identity, to attempts to overwhelm her email account with spam, to letters sent in her name to politicians advocating policies she opposes or opposing those she advocates, to ‘we know where you live’ threats, to . . . well, the gamut, really, discounting so far only SWATting. It’s ugly behavior, from ugly people, in the ugly belief that this is an effective response to criticism. Marezilla has not been immune to similar treatment, any more than she is immune to Lyme disease, and there are other conservative women who’ve received like treatment. Why? Do these cretins believe that it’s less dangerous and more effective to harass and threaten women?

Zilla has also been subjected to harassment by these goons ever since the contest. She wrote about it in April, and she tells me it’s also been ongoing for her. She’s still having problems with them impersonating her using fake email addresses and asked me to tell you:

And if you could mention that nobody should believe that an email from since I only receive but never send from that addy, and also that the spoof addy isn’t me either, it would help me out a lot!
Maybe tell people that if they see something nasty “from” me to ASK me about it to clear up confusion.
Oh, and hit her tip jar. She’s still really sick and yesterday was her birthday!
Happy belated birthday to Zilla, then.


Even as Karen is relentlessly stalked, harassed and terrorized by low-life cretins, she still thinks of other people and tries to help them. Karen is a wonderful person and it is disgusting that she should have to deal with this hateful, evil, garbage, but there is no way in hell that she’s going to have to deal with it on her own for a moment longer if there is anything I can do about it, and I am asking you to join me in supporting The Lonely Conservative right now. What can you do? Well, I’ll tell you, although if you are a longtime reader of this blog then you are already familiar with this sort of thing because it is something special that has been done here before for other bloggers who have been under fire, it’s the Roll Call, and it is now time to answer the call and bring the cavalry to Karen’s side. Here’s how it works, adapted from a previous Roll Call post:

We need to stand together with those who are fighting for freedom, and for good against evil. We need to make sure that they know that not only do we have their backs, but also, we need to show those who will stoop to the lowest of low tactics to destroy the righteous that we will not be cowed.

Please join me in showing support for The Lonely Conservative, who is being unjustly attacked, by sharing, Tweeting, emailing, re-blogging the message that the enemies of freedom will never ever silence the truth tellers. Send me your name (or username) and/or the name of your blog (if you have one) and I will update this post with a roll call of those who stand in solidarity for goodness and against evil. You can post in the comments section to this post, at the A-C page or the Zilla page on facebook where this post will appear, you can Tweet me or email me to say you want to be listed here and I will add you to the roll. I will make sure that Karen knows that we are with her. Also, please keep in mind that another great way to encourage a blogger is by rocking that blogger’s tip jar.

Who’s with me?

Roll Call:

Film Ladd

Goldfish and Clowns

DaTechGuy’s Blog


Maggie’s Notebook

Adrienne’s Corner



Capitalist Preservation

Blazing Cat Fur

American Power

Nice Deb

Lady Liberty 1885


Infidels United

The Impolite Canadian

My Blog by Loopy Loo

The Conservatory


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Diogenes’ Middle Finger

Common American Journal

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Pamela @lilsliceofcraze

Walter Pereira @walt1999walt

The Roll Call list will be updated frequently to reflect the names of others who will answer the call…


UPDATE July 20, 2012: There is a new followup post. Now you can see, for the first time, and with your own eyes, a little bit of what those freaks have been doing to me all this time. They clearly take great pleasure in my illness: Oh, Those “Compassionate” Leftists!


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