Silent Like a Carpet Bombing


We don’t take too kindly to the thug tactics of a Violent Convicted Terrorist Bomber, Given Million$ by Progressives, who Terrorizes Bloggers to try to intimidate them into not telling the truth about his nasty history and epic fuckery ’round these parts.

Friday June 8, 2012 has been a protest day in the Dextrosphere; dubbed a National Day of Blogger Silence and also a Day of Action, it is a day to step up the pressure on our elected officials to do their damned jobs and represent the God given and Constitutionally protected right of their constituents, and all Americans, to speak and write without fear of becoming targets for intimidation, political terrorism, and potentially deadly and illegal acts intended to silence them. It’s also a day to break through the self-censorship barrier put up by most of the mainstream media and most of the big-name “conservative” online new media outlets who refuse to acknowledge the huge story of how a violent convicted terrorist bomber became a darling of wealthy progressives (and the Obama administration) who, along with his supporters, have waged a campaign of terror and lawfare in a failed attempt to bully bloggers into participating in a cover-up through silence of the nefarious activities of Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin and his group of like minded political thugs.

Many Conservative bloggers today are not posting, or only putting up a post about what has been going on, while concentrating on (and encouraging their readers to) contacting government officials to get them on board with standing up for free speech and to encourage the mostly curiously disinterested agents of law enforcement to investigate the crimes that are being perpetrated against innocent people who have become targets simply for telling the truth, while allowing their blogs to otherwise go dark. Probably as many bloggers take exception to the concept of a ‘silent’ protest and are making their voices heard by writing even more on the subject, while also using the above mentioned other channels to raise awareness of this existential threat to the freedom of all Americans (not just bloggers).

Robert Stacy McCain has a MUST READ article at The American Spectator, Online Armageddon, which provides and excellent summary of the extremely complicated chain of events that have led up to this day of reckoning, and he also has a very detailed post at his blog, The Other McCain, with tons of links and information that will help bring everyone up to speed.

While nearly all of bloggers who’ve recently become victims of political terrorism are Conservatives, it is important to note that the first target victimized by Brett Kimberlin and his supporters for telling the truth about Brett Kimberlin’s criminal history and his post prison activities was Seth Allen (@Prepostericity), a liberal blogger who has the blog DFQ2. What happened to Seth is horrible he deserves our support. I’ve gotten to know Seth a little in the past few weeks and I like him, I think he’s a decent guy and he hasn’t lost his sense of humor despite his ordeal. Seth has been dealing with this nightmare for YEARS, long before most of us were ever aware of any of it. DFQ2 has a wealth of information in its archives that I encourage you to take a look at to gain a greater understanding of tangled web of deceit and scams woven by convicted terrorist and litigious serial liar Brett Kimberlin and his equally shady associates. Seth has recently published two detailed new posts providing background information about himself and his involvement in this saga, see The Socratisation Backstory, Part I and Part II to learn more. It should also be noted that Seth is devoted to the right to free Speech for all people, not just those who agree with his political views, as we all should be. Seth still needs legal assistance to defend himself from those who are trying to destroy his life and take away his freedom, if you or someone you know can help him with this, please do. Nobody should have to stand alone against such thuggery as Seth has had to do for so very long.

Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick) is a blogger who writes for the late Andrew Breitbart’s Bigs sites; she started writing about Brett Kimberlin in 2010 and has been repeatedly attacked by Brett Kimberlin and his associates ever since, as has her family. For the National Day of Blogger Silence protest, she has published an open letter directly to her tormentor, HERE. Be sure to read the whole thing; there are important links there and also contact information for John McCarthy, State’s Attorney for Montgomery County, Maryland, and, Assistant United States Attorney Robert Dugdale of The United States Attorney’s Office Central District of California’s Criminal Division.

Events are unfolding rapidly today but, as I am still seriously ill, I cannot possibly keep up with all of them here in this blog post (which has taken me all day already just to get this far down the page), so I refer you to the following links from my fellow bloggers, be sure to check them all out and follow the links that they provide for more information:

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This is by no means even a remotely complete list, if you have a link please feel free to leave it in the comments section below and I will try to add it in an update later As I stated before, my illness has seriously impaired my blogging abilities and it has been a major and exhausting project just to get this much done today. (If you’d like to help me fight to regain some of my health and function so I can blog more effectively again, please hit my tip jar which I use for needs related to my medical care.)

Linked in bold below is a very important message, from a man whose right to free speech has already been stolen from him by a gross botched abortion of justice:

The Government Exists To Protect Our Rights

Be sure to read the whole thing.

This is not just about bloggers; the restrictions on free speech imposed through a campaign of terror intimidation, if allowed to stand, endangers everyone: the silencing of some will eventually mean the silence of all and must NOT be tolerated. If this most cherished American freedom is lost, the rest will surely soon follow as Free Speech is the first line of defense for all of our civil and human rights – use it now to fight for its preservation, or risk losing it forever.


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