It’s Just How I Am

When I was a little kid, I was a bit of a misfit, and it was lonely sometimes. I remember watching an old re-run of I Love Lucy one day in which Lucy became acquainted with a band of misfits who called themselves “The Friends of the Friendless” whose organization reached out to social outcasts and pariahs, the friendless, and provided them with comfort and companionship. I always thought it would be nice if there really were such a group.

As I grew older I learned how to break out of my shell and to better adapt to social situations, and I was not as lonely, but I never lost that soft spot in my heart for people who still were. When I saw the popular kids picking on someone, I generally reached out to that target, I couldn’t resist – I knew all to well how it felt. Even when I myself had friends in the “cool crowd” (and in the eyes of some, I was also considered “cool”), I was friendly to people regardless of their social standing. This served me well when I grew up and worked as a bartender in various neighborhood dive bars. I made a living by providing beverages and a friendly ear to anyone who needed to unload their burdens to a person who wouldn’t blab. It didn’t matter if my customer was a high ranking government official or a vagrant, and if they were loved or loathed by everyone in the neighborhood, it was irrelevant to me, I treated everyone with the respect that I would myself like to be treated with.

It has been many years since I have tended bar (or even drank alcohol, for that matter), but my little personality quirk has stayed with me and it has both served me well and caused me harm, but it is part of who I am and it’s just how I roll. Some people have a problem with that; they take issue with the fact that I am not quick to turn my back on outcasts or jump on a bandwagon to throw a social pariah beneath its wheels, but I think that perhaps that is more THEIR problem than it is mine.


UPDATE: Follow-up post HERE, because even I have my limits.


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