Teh Inetrwebz Hatez Meh

I had browsers filled with open tabs to get a couple of new blog posts up on a few different subjects when I happened to notice that my RSS feed never updated with my last post, so it never showed up in any blogrolls, readers, my syndication services, or anywhere else outside of where I’ve promoted the link myself such as spamming my blogger friends in emails and posting the link on my social networks like Twitter and Facebook.So for two solid days I have wasted my life trying to figure out the problem (the real problem is that the internet hates me, which is why there has been so much traffic killing tech trouble since I moved off of Blogger which was also glitchy for me). Well it seems like it might be fixed now, or at least it finally sent out my last post, so this new post is basically a test to see if the thing will update again or if I go back down the rabbit hole.

In the mean time, please take a few moments if you haven’t already, to read the post here about my brother’s friend Sherry who was recently murdered by her husband who then killed himself after setting it up so that their four young children would be the ones to first discover the horror he’d brought upon their family. You can help Sherry’s kids by contributing to a trust fund that has been created for them, please send whatever you can spare (even a few dollars will help) to the address below:

The Hayes Children Trust

P.O. Box 644

North Bellmore NY 11710

Please help get the word out about it!


Now it’s time to see if my feed will update with this new post. If you see you’e here and the blog looks weird or there’s no DISQUS for you to comment on and my sidebars are missing, it’s because I’ve had to take the place apart again to fix this latest nuisance. Please bear with me. Thank you for you patience.


This post is linked at motorcitytimes.com. Thank you, Steve!


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