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Important notice: If you’re looking for a post which looks similar to this one but is a little different, it’s gone. It’s a long story, maybe I’ll tell you one day, but for now, I and many of your other favorite Conservative Blogger Moms, need your help! (Well if you read this before 7PM EST that is!)  Below is an edited version of the original post which has been removed:

I am still really sick and having a lot of weird and scary neurological issues from my Late Stage Lyme Disease (now with bonus Ehrlichiosis!), which is why I haven’t blogged at all, but I am working on a new post with all the details about that – it is just hard to focus right now. It will be a long road ahead of me as I fight to try to regain my health and I still need help, but that’s not what this post is about. I will try to get to the point quickly before my poor brain fuzzes out on me again.

I have been nominated, and am currently in 5th 6th place, for the Top 25 Political Moms contest at Circle of Moms. There are a lot of fellow Conservative Bloggers in the contest we Conservative Blogging Moms need your help!

There are a few hours remaining to vote in the Top 25 Political Blogs contest at the Circle of Moms. We won’t win any prize, other than knowing we’ll do one small thing to debunk the notion that conservatives are anti-woman.


You can vote for all of us until 4pm PST (7pm EST) on April 4th. You can only vote once per 24 hours but you can vote at that time for each and every one of us Conservative Bloggers, so please do! Please link, Tweet, post to facebook, G+, email or whatever to help get the vote out for us!  The Lonely Conservative is currently in the lead and I am in 6th place. Visit the link, so many of my friends and your favorites are there.

Please vote for us, have, thank you for the support!

Thanks for reading this and for your support, I hope to get back to blogging again regularly soon; a good showing by me and the other Conservatives in this contest would really cheer me up and maybe even make me feel a little better. 😉


Zilla Aid!


Here is the list of fellow bloggers who linked to the original post that I had to remove:

This post is included in Larwyn’s Linx at Doug Ross. Thank you, Doug!

This post is linked at Moonbattery. Thanks, Dave!

This post is linked at Pirate’s Cove. Thank you, William!

This post is linked at The Lonely Conservative. Thanks, TLC!

Rides A Pale Horse at Death By 1000 Papercuts kindly responded to our call for support! Thank you so much!

This post is linked at An Ex-Con’s View. Thanks, Paul!

This post is linked at Sentry Journal. Thank you, John!

This post is linked at Sitting on the Edge of  the Sandbox, Biting My Tongue. Thanks, EOTS!

This post is linked at NoOneOfAnyImport. Thank you, Linda!

This post is linked at The Pagan Temple. Thanks, Pagan!

This post is linked again at The Lonely Conservative, who cross-posted to RWN & who really needs all of our votes! Thanks, TLC and good luck!

This post is linked at iOwnTheWorld. Thank you, Big Fur Hat and to all the awesome iOWT friends in the comments section there who are voting, I love you guys! XOXO

This post is linked at Bread upon the Waters. Thanks, Quite Rightly!


UPDATE: My good friend Lady Liberty 1885 has joined the competition, please vote for her also! Thanks!


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