Identity Theft: Another Tool for the Politics of Personal Destruction from the “Tolerant” Left

Please be aware that leftists have taken to committing identity theft to impersonate me in comments sections of blogs and are using a fraudulent email that looks similar to my public email address to make it look as if I am saying horrible offensive things in an attempt to destroy my reputation, apparently because I did well in a recent contest for political bloggers, they have been doing this to the winner of the contest, The Lonely Conservative, as well. If you see something that appears to have come from me but is totally out of character for me to say, know that it is in all likelihood, NOT ME, but a leftist troll who thinks a campaign of personal destruction against a person who is fighting serious and potentially fatal illness is a good and proper thing to do.

I am still seriously ill with advanced late stage Lyme Disease and Ehrlichioisis. As some of you know, I have only been able to begin seeking treatment from a specialist because fellow bloggers and readers have helped me, but I have a very long road ahead of me and I still need help as we were living on the razor’s edge financially already, and without help I will have to abandon my fight to get well because it is more important to keep food in the house for my kids and the lights on. The specialist is 60 miles away, so even just getting there from here is a huge expense thanks to the high gas prices, and then there is the additional expense of medication and supplements to worry about as well. (And no, trolls, Obamacare would not help because it will in fact make it impossible for people who need care that is outside of cookie cutter one size fits all standards established by bureaucratic decree to get it, and not everybody can afford to buy a new “fuel efficient” car,either, thank you very much.)

So this isn’t just a matter of my online reputation, for me it is a matter of life and slow painful death, something that leftists have repeatedly and publicly stated that they wish upon many Conservatives simply because they disagree with them politically.Funny how they always scream about how “intolerant” they think Conservatives are, but they will gleefully engage in the lowest and most vile tactics to silence anyone who does not mirror their views.

I just wanted to give you all a head’s up about what these people are doing to me and other Conservatives, and they started doing it as we began doing well in an online contest – consider this but a small preview to the ugliness we can look forward to on the national stage as the United States Presidential election approaches.  Brace yourselves.

In the mean time, please check with me personally if you see something offensive “from me” so I can tell you myself  if  it was indeed something I said or if it came from my leftist imposters who are think it’s a good idea to try to destroy me, and please help a blogger out if you can. Thanks!


Zilla Aid!  

If you want to learn more about late stage Lyme & related diseases and why it is so complicated and expensive to get adequate medical care, click HERE.


Update: My friend Lisa Graas is also being impersonated; she is targeted by far left militant gay radicals because of her devout Catholicism and her support for Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum.


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