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Can’t Let It Go

When I moved the Zilla blog off of Blogger and onto my own server in February, it killed my traffic, which was at an all time high before I relocated. I had noticed in the first few weeks after moving that upwards of 90% of my daily traffic was still going to the old site, despite my relentless efforts to make everyone aware of the new location and even after the magnificent Instapundit and other blogging friends helped to get the word out about my new digs. In an effort to bring the eyeballs here, I decided to have the URL for the old blog relocate to the new one, but it hasn’t helped (my traffic is still not even half of what it was while still on Blogger) and I have noticed from my blog’s stats data that there are people coming here following links in other bloggers’ old posts to stuff that I had at the old place, but because the individual post  links did not convert (or whatever the word is) when I put copies of my old archives here, people who are looking for those old Zilla blog posts are simply landing on the main homepage here so unless they feel like digging through the new archives, they won’t get what they came here for. I also discovered that “deleted” is not necessarily a permanent thing when one is dealing with Google and I was able to put the old blog back up in its entirety.

The old blog used to exist on a sub-domain of my main URL (zillablog.marezilla.com) which I then had redirect to my main URL (marezilla.com) here, but because I use a hosting company that was not ready-made for self-hosted blogs using WordPress.org‘s software, it was a hassle to do the redirect and it was again a hassle to undo it, and I had to put the old blog back up at its original Blogger URL (politizilla.blogspot.com), but now all the links to old posts there that other bloggers have linked to before I moved will work and go to the original posts rather than just land people at my homepage here. For some reason if I try to use Blogger’s redirect thingy to have the old blog exist on the sub-domain, people only land at my main page at the new site, tech support is working on it but since the place is just there as an archive now anyway, I am not going to sweat it too much. A lot of my old posts contain a lot of research that still hold valid information now and can be used as reference sources so I think it’s for the best that people can access them if they want to. You can also still see the original blogroll at the old site, while I tried to reproduce it here, I know that it’s not the same and I know some of you used to visit just for that, so you have it back now.

I doubt this will help me get my traffic back, because I’ve been too sick to do much new blogging, but at least people following links citing my past works will now be able to get what they came for. Today was the first time I looked at the old place in months, and I remember how I miss certain features that I don’t currently have here, like a footer space for widgets, because I am limited by the template I use here. I will probably try my hand at redesigning my site some time soon. I have learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to make major changes when traffic is good, but very few people are reading or linking to me these days compared to how it was before the move, so I may as well do it as soon as I can, because once I am feeling better, I will be back to doing what I’d become known for (beating up the bad guys with facts) with a vengeance.

So feel free to walk down memory lane at the old place, if you like, because now you can.


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