The rest of this story about that day here at home with the Little Boy Resister…

“No, no, oh dear God, no”, I gasped, standing in shock staring at the TV that I was walking past in my kitchen when the news it aired stopped me in my tracks. A hand reflexively flew towards my mouth to stifle a sob as the tears fell from my eyes when my little boy came to my side and asked, “What’s wrong mommy? Are you sad? Do you need a tissue?” I looked down at my sweet little four year old and, after taking a deep breath, I told him, “One of America’s Greatest Heroes has died” and my son hugged me and then ran to bring me some tissues.

I haven’t told you what happened next.

So there I stood in my kitchen, still blotting the river of tears that flowed down my face with the tissues my little boy had brought me as the TV continued to proclaim the terrible news that the Great American Hero Andrew Breitbart had died, I didn’t notice that my son had left the room for a moment but I sure did take note of what he did when he came back. My mighty little warrior returned to the kitchen, with his shiniest toy sword held aloft as he gestured towards the TV, which still showed Andrew Breitbart’s picture, and then my boy looked me right in the eye and said,

“Don’t cry mommy, I’ll fight! … I FIGHT!

I have no doubt that he will. He makes his momma so proud, but right now mommy has to do the fighting – as do all of you.

Here are some things to help inspire us all to keep fighting, for our country, for our children, and to honor Andrew Breitbart who showed so many of us how to fight fiercely, fearlessly, and effectively:

Hating Breitbart: The Trailer (h/t: Dan Collins at The Conservatory):

Via HatingBreitbart.com:

“The new media is taking over where the old media failed. Yes, they failed, my friends. Yes, they failed.”

Be sure to visit the website, HatingBreitbart.com, because there is a whole lot of awesome going on over there.

iOwnTheWorld: Breitbart is Here (That’s where the picture in the right side of this blog’s header came from, soon the image will be everywhere – and I mean everywhere. Visit the link to see how you can help.)

Like a lot of us, Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has noted the disgusting, vile, evil things that leftists have been saying since moments after it became known that Andrew Breitbart had passed away. She has a post about it here, but the quote below from Pamela really stands out:

Even in death, Andrew Breitbart continues to unmask the murdering monsters on the left. I promise you that Breitbart will continue to haunt these cretins long into the future from a place where his allies are ……. more formidable.

Amen to that.

Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz has written a powerful post, What Would Andrew Breitbart Do? (excerpts):

Folks, it’s up to all of us to pick up that slack and make sure we routinely ask ourselves “What would Andrew Breitbart do?”.

He was on this Earth for just 43 years, and he was only just beginning to dominate politics in a big way by putting absolute terror into the hearts of the Tolerant Left and Cocktail Party GOP establishment alike. His mission is unfulfilled…so today I hope all of you who considered yourselves fans of Breitbart’s now look to yourselves as his successors.

“What would Andrew Breitbart do?” — that’s a mighty great way to start each day.

He showed us all how it could be done…and now, without him as a national vanguard, it’s up to us to do these things too.

I truly hope you are thinking this way too, whoever you are.

Death does not win. Ever, but most particularly in this case.

Andrew Breitbart was a special man with unique talents — but you are special and unique in your own way, too.

There is no greater tribute you can give a man than to become in your own way a little bit of what you found great in him.

Please start asking yourself “What would Andrew Bretibart do”…and then DO IT. RTWT

Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit: BE BREITBART

Robert Stacy McCain at The American Spectator: The Breitbart Experience (excerpt):

Yet there was only one Breitbart, and his unexpected death at age 43 leaves a huge vacuum in the world of conservative New Media that he did so much to build. By the time of his death, he had become a hero to millions, an inspirational leader. Breitbart was a popular speaker at Tea Party rallies and other conservative gatherings, and always spoke extemporaneously, without a text or notes to guide him.

The last time I saw him, at the AFP Michigan event Saturday, he arrived at the last minute, unshaven and with his hair uncombed, having stayed until the wee hours hanging out in the Marriott lobby. Without any preparation at all, however, he gave a speech that stirred the audience, telling the Tea Party activists that their victory in the 2010 mid-term elections “freaked the living daylights” out of the Left. He talked at length about the Occupy movement, and its strong ties to left-wing organizations — including labor unions — that made it “Barack Obama’s army.” Referring to the fight for the 2012 Republican nomination, he urged his listeners not to focus their attention on the candidates because, he said: “You are needed more than the candidates.”

Breitbart was a powerful voice, who always sought to empower others and encourage them to join his fight against the forces of the Left, which he saw as attempting to destroy the America he loved. He will be long remembered by those who had the pleasure of sharing the Breitbart experience.    RTWT

Also by Stacy, Andrew Breitbart as Folk Hero, “I’ll Die With This Hammer in My Hand” at his blog, The Other McCain. A MUST READ!

He had the vision, and he had the passion, and Andrew Breitbart took on the mainstream media in the same way the folk hero John Henry took on that steam drill. Like the old song says, he picked up that hammer and he said, Lord, Lord – I’ll die with this hammer in my hand. Breitbart put every bit of his heart and soul into his work, so that when we come now to consider what his life meant, we can say like they said of John Henry, “There lies a steel-driving man – Lord, Lord! – there lies a steel-driving man.”
What did Andrew Breitbart’s life mean to the cause of citizen journalism? Above all else, he was an inspirational figure, someone who didn’t just see the way to go, but led the way, and who rallied others to follow him.  READ IT ALL

Daniel Knauf works in Hollywood, where he was surrounded by hateful deranged leftist vitriol for 12 years as he bit his tongue. Then Andrew Breitbart died, and Daniel, who wrote the first season of the HBO series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, used the hashtag #IAmAndrewBreitbart in a tweet, and the floodgates opened. Welcome to the war, Daniel, glad you could join us. Read his moving story HERE.

Andrew Breitbart was the definition of “larger than life” and he still is, as not even death itself could stop his wonderful work. Check out The ‘Big’ Change, and Breitbart’s Legacy: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders. Before he died, Andrew Breitbart promised that he would see to it that Barack Obama would finally be vetted, something that the media utterly failed to do before the 2008 election and continues to fail to do as they continue to cover for him, and Andrew Breitbart is still keeping that promise: please read this important article that Andrew Breitbart wrote which is, “a story that should swing the first hammer against the glass wall the mainstream media has built around Barack Obama.”:

The Vetting, Part I: Barack ‘s Love Song To Alinsky  – by Andrew Breitbart

And now, a little music…

Andrew Breitbart has gone to that Great Gig in the Sky, and we mourn his passing,

But still, we must Carry On


When my little boy is playing, he often says “I stop the bad guy!”, but right now it falls to us to stop the real bad guys, and to fight harder than we ever have before because everything that we hold dear is at stake: our country, our future, and our children’s futures, and losing is something that we simply cannot afford to do.

FIGHT!    Stop the bad guys.

No more tolerating abuse from intolerant hostile jackasses. No more worrying about who might get “offended” if we tell the truth. No quarter, no retreat, no surrender, and no apologies – let’s give them hell. Time to follow Andrew Breitbart’s lead and put our force behind three of his simple words toward our self declared enemies:

Fuck you.




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