Friday Film – Under Our Skin – #Zillathon

This film is about chronic late stage Lyme Disease and the difficulties facing sufferers of this potentially deadly disease in obtaining treatment, and the medical practitioners who risk everything in order to save their patient’s lives. You can get the full uninterrupted version of Under Our Skin on DVD (with extra bonus material added) or find out how you can attend or host  a screening of it from the film maker’s website, HERE. This version is from Hulu so it has commercials, but I promise you that it is well worth watching.

This is what I am dealing with, as are so many others. I am only able to get proper treatment due to my friends who are helping with the Zilla-Aid-Athon and the magnificent Tip Jar Hitters. Thank you all for helping me in the fight to save my life. God bless you. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers all sufferers of Lyme Disease and other people who are sick with “controversial” illnesses, that they may get help and get better.

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I have been informed that the above film is unable to be viewed outside of the US. You can watch an excerpt of the film at SnagFilms that should work in Canada and elsewhere.

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