‘Twas Our Own Who Betrayed Us

I am very angry with my fellow Catholics, both in the clergy and the laity, because they are the reason why we find ourselves in the horrible position that we are in now. I have been too aggravated to articulate this in a manner that I thought would be worthy of a blog post, but I’ve said it in a few places; first on my facebook page where I don’t bother to self censor, and then on blogs whose owners I respect, so I cleaned up the language some. Days have passed and I am still quite ticked off, and since I am no longer on a Blogger hosted site where I might get myself into trouble for cutting loose, I might as well share my thoughts here with all of you, because I can. Below are the various incarnations of what I have had to say about my fellow Catholics who have been “useful idiots” for Obama and only NOW have a problem with his evil despite the fact that there was ample warning that we would find ourselves exactly where we are now because Obama’s unholy, unconstitutional, and unconscionable mandate that forces people to violate their core values would never have come about without being aided and abetted by CATHOLICS.

From my facebook wall:

So my fellow Catholics are pissed off, and rightly so, over Obama’s evil mandate that forces them to violate their conscience and the teachings of the Church, but more than half of all American Catholics voted for the bastard, the clergy supported him, and then they supported Obamacare despite the overwhelming evidence that Obama was an evil ungodly man who is an enemy to human life (how else can you explain someone who FOUGHT and fought hard to make sure that no child born alive as the result of a botched abortion would ever know a moment of comfort, love or warmth and would simply be stuffed in a corner somewhere to die, alone, unloved and in pain?) and that Obamacare would force us all to support his evil anti-human agenda. Where was their conscience THEN? It’s not like they were misled; there were ample warnings, but instead of heeding the warnings, they ignored them and demonized anyone who dared to speak the truth. NOW they’re outraged? Where the fuck was their conscience and outrage when we needed it, when it would have been worth a damn, when it could have stopped Obama and his bad medicine in the first place? NOW they’re outraged, now that they are reaping the rotten misbegotten fruit they had sown. Catholics, both the clergy and the laity, have soiled themselves and smeared evil leftist crap all over the rest of us in doing so. Are these Catholics fucking retarded, or just suicidal? Oh yeah, NOW they care, when it is very likely too damned late, and it is THEIR fucking fault for accommodating evil in the first place. Those who assist in the propagation of evil, those who demonize the very people who tried to stop it, are just as guilty as the purveyors of said evil. Jackasses.

I was still pretty heated when I came across this post at Creative Minority Report, but knowing that it is a nice and respectable Catholic blog, I attempted to restrain myself a little bit:

Where was the conscience of Catholics in the pulpit and the laity when they supported Obama in the first place, despite ample evidence that he was hardcore anti-life, even FIGHTING to ensure that born alive babies who survived abortion would never know a moment of comfort, love or care, and that instead, these innocent born alive babies would be left alone in a closet or a dark corner to suffer, cold, hungry, alone, unloved, and in pain for the duration of their brief lives? Huh, Catholics, where was your conscience THEN? Where was their conscience when it was abundantly clear that Obamacare would force doctors and nurses to participate in abortions against their will and when it was abundantly clear that taxpayers would be forced to fund abortions and contraceptives whether they found it morally repugnant or not? WHERE WAS YOUR CONSCIENCE, THEN, CATHOLICS??? Oh yeah, NOW they are worried about their “conscience” when it is TOO LATE to do much about it rather than when they were warned REPEATEDLY that this is exactly where we’d end up and they supported the evil anyway. Liberal Catholics in the pulpit and the pews have soiled themselves disgracefully and their lack of diligence when it would have counted is causing the crap to get smeared all over the rest of us.

Adrienne’s Corner posted on Sunday with a powerful statement by Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia, here, and Adrienne kindly included my comment to it, along with those of a few others, in another post, here:

I am very angry with many of my fellow Catholics and the Church leadership who overwhelmingly supported Obama and his evil government takeover of health care in the first place. In both cases, there was ample evidence that he was anti-life, anti-Christian and anti-human; there were ample warnings, but those warnings were willfully ignored and those of us who tried to get he truth out were demonized. Catholics who voted for Obama and embraced Obamacare were not mislead, the evidence was clear from the get go exactly what would happen as a consequence of their support and now they are reaping what they have sown with their own deliberate arrogance. Did they not care that Obama consistently took the most radical and evil positions on Life issues, such as actually FIGHTING to make sure that a baby born alive who survived an abortion would never know warmth or compassion or kindness or comfort and would simply be stuck in a closet to die alone and in pain? Where was their conscience THEN? They should have not had their heads so far up their own rear ends in the first place, they should have had a conscience to begin with, instead of bitching about it after the fact. The thing that sucks about this is because of THEM, we all have to suffer.  READ THE OTHER COMMENTS HERE

I have a lot more to blog about on this topic and related topics that will be in a new post soon, including lots of links to things you need to see, but I needed to get the above out of the way first, so I can easily reference where I stand with a simple link rather than continuing to repeat myself in angry rants. Stay tuned. In the mean time, Adrienne has another great post that you really should not miss, HERE.


This post was originally titled: “Oh I’ll Stand With You Now, But I Still Want to Kick Your Stupid Asses”, but out of consideration for the nice people who may get a pingback from me, I changed it.


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