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If You Want to Troll Me, You Will Have to Pay

There must be some sort of central command for these people.
Perhaps they are sent from Obama’s taxpayer funded Internet Propaganda Czar, Jesse Lee (whose annual salary is $72,000)? What else could explain the multiple appearances of commenters to this blog who each day post an identical leftist talking point meme repeatedly under various user names and with different IP addresses? Each day it is a different theme copy/pasted in the threads here, and each day the spam trolls whine that their repeated off-topic irrelevant screeds get removed.

They must have missed the previous explanations I have given here about what is and is not tolerated in my comments section. Consider this a refresher:

Any troll who shows up where I have my stuff will be abused and cursed out thoroughly by myself and anyone else who wishes to do so until they either go away or I get bored and ban them. Under no circumstances shall we attempt to reason with them because they are by nature, unreasonable and not worth the effort. Trolls are however, fully deserving of whatever vitriol and verbal abuse I and/or any of my readers feel like dishing out. (January 15, 2011)

The spam trolls who have been appearing lately are boring, so they do not last very long here.

Then there are the argumentative trolls, who are less boring than the spam copy/paste trolls but a nuisance nonetheless, this is for them:

I have a standard policy of removing obvious trolls unless my readers are having fun abusing them, but when people who I know turn up, I pretty much let them say whatever they please. However, if you show up in the comments section and are nasty to everybody, I don’t care who you are, the people you harass are more than welcome to hand your ass to you in as ,many broken pieces as they see fit. I don’t care. Especially if the people you are picking fights with happen to agree with me.

MY BLOG, not yours.

I’m a big fan of Wirecutter’s blog, Knuckledraggin my life away and he has a comment policy that I really can identify with. Here’s a portion of it:

This blog is not a forum. I have my views and I ain’t changing them.

Read that again. This blog is not a forum. I’m not interested in your fucking arguments and you damned sure ain’t going to change my mind with a comment.

It doesn’t cost any money to start a blog and tons of people already have them. If you find my posts so upsetting to you that you feel the need to fill my comments section with disparaging comments and argue with everyone who posts in support of the opinions expressed at my blog, then why don’t you go and blog about it? Instead of having a flame war with my readers, have a blog war with me. Observe Stacy McCain’s Rule 4 and it will drive traffic to both of our blogs and also you won’t have to worry about the natives who I let have free reign in my comments section here. You can moderate comments at your own blog so my big ole meanie-pants readers can’t hurt you. (April 13, 2011)

Now although I have no qualms about removing the jackanapes, I do understand that it must be frustrating for them to come all the way over here and spam/troll my threads only to see their efforts disappear, so I will be kind and make them an offer:

If you wish to have your annoying comments not be removed from this blog, you can buy a subscription that will give you troll privileges here. Use the Troll Permission Subscription button to purchase troll privileges here and I will stop removing your comments for the length of time that you buy. Tell me your DISQUS profile name, and give me your email and IP address and I will whitelist you as an accepted designated troll so you can gleefully paste the lefty meme that your prog masters issue to you daily without it being removed (for the duration of time that you paid for). Since you all always post the same exact copy/paste of your daily meme, if my price is too steep, you trolls can all pool together and buy a subscription for one of you. That is the ONLY way you will ever be permitted to post your garbage here, if I am not being paid, I am under no obligation to humor you. If you don’t like it, go cry to your commie pinko rat bastard douche bag jackass pals and then go to hell.

Subscription prices to be whitelisted as an accepted troll
Username to be Whitelisted



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