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Finally, and by popular demand, I have figured out how to add a functioning blogroll here! Unfortunately, there was no easy way to do it but to copy the links and type in each blog name manually from the old place (which had a blogroll approaching 500 different blogs listed), but it is done. I left out links that were not functioning at the old place or had not been updated in a very long time, and of course since I did this manually and well into the wee hours of the middle of the night, there may be a few that I missed. The live updating blogroll now can be found in the left hand margin and shows the fifty most recently updated. In the right hand margin, you will find the static complete list of blogs which are in the blogroll. If I am missing a great blog that you’d like to see added in there, please let me know!

The old Zilla blog is still getting 90% of my total traffic and that annoys me. The lack of a blogroll here at the new place is one of the reasons why I have not deleted the old one yet, the other reason is that a large portion of my archives did not make the automatic move with Blogger’s export tool and must be relocated manually (via copy & paste), one by one, as soon as that is completed, the old blog will be closed for good and the url will redirect to the new place and hopefully I will get my traffic back.

A word of advice for anyone considering a move from a free blogging site to a self-hosted one: if you are not a tech expert, I highly recommend HIRING somebody to do the move for you, because DYI when you have to teach yourself how to do everything is a time consuming PITA. Of course now that I know how to do it, if you do decide to take on such a project and have questions, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll try to help you out if I can or at least point you in a direction that may be useful to you.

Below is the list of blogs that I have added so far, if your blog is missing, please know that it likely was not deliberate so don’t get mad, just drop me a line either by email, in my comments section below, or in the Eternal Open Thread.



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