Bloggers Beware – A Cautionary Tale

There is festering parasite clinging to the underbelly of the Dextrosphere…

Last summer when my friend, human rights activist Pamela Geller, and others in the counter-jihad movement were brutally blood libeled, I organized a show of support with my readers and fellow bloggers to let Pamela and the others know that they did not stand alone, and that people who were paying attention knew better than to believe the vicious lies that were being spread by leftist blogs, islamic supremacists, and the mainstream media.

While I was adding names to the list of people who wanted to publicly show their support for Pamela, I met some new people whose blogs I had not been familiar with before who asked to be added to the list (and because I was happy to see my friends get such support, I also added them to my blogroll). I have since become friends with and fans of many of these people who I had been unfamiliar with before, but there is one person among them who I wish I had known more about before hand because I would have avoided him like the plague had I known his history. The person I reference had hurt a lot of people before I knew him and he has since harmed others, which is why I am doing this post, as a public service, in the hopes of sparing other people from the damage that this person causes.

Last fall, I was checking out Google+ when I noticed a post on there that said “I am quitting blogging” or something to that effect. I am generally a friendly, compassionate, person and when I see someone down in the dumps, I usually try to help if I am able to, so I asked this person why he was quitting and was told that it is because he wasn’t getting any hits at his blog. I have enjoyed some modest success as a blogger not only because I relentlessly self-promote my work but also (and largely) because other bloggers have kindly linked to me and otherwise helped me out, so I thought I’d see what I could do to help that person because I hate to see someone stop doing something they love for lack of encouragement. I figured I would visit his blog and link to some of his posts from my own, so that he could benefit from some of the eyeballs that find their way to my place, but when I went there, I saw nothing I’d want to promote from my place, as his blog was filled with a bunch of bitterness and vitriol for other bloggers and he appeared to be the type of person who blames the whole world for whatever his life is lacking. Everything that did not go his way was somebody else’s fault.

Among other odd things, I saw a post complaining that Erick Erickson of RedState did not accept his submission for Erick’s “I am the 53%project which was created to represent the 53% of Americans who pay income taxes to counter the meme of the #occupy squatters’ “I am the 99%” which is supposed to be about Americans who do not comprise the “1%” of the super-rich in this country. It is understandable why the submission wasn’t accepted, because the site shows letters from the “53%” who are people that work for a living and pay taxes, which the person whose letter was rejected does not – he has been unemployed and living in his mom’s basement for many years and pays no income taxes whatsoever.

I realized that I could not help this person and I moved on to other things. The next day, I saw him post something horrible in the comments section of a post at The Other McCain which prompted me to remove that person from my blogroll and avoid him as much as possible. Stacy was having a rough time, and while most of us offered words of comfort and support, one person decided to use Stacy’s misery as a chance to kick the man while he was down in a fit of epic douchebaggery. Here is the nasty comment, along with the responses from me and other friends of Stacy to such a vicious unprovoked attack (and where my friend Bob Belvedere was kind enough to let me know that this sort of nastiness was nothing new from said person):


After that, I removed “Patrick” from my blogroll and pretty much forgot about him, and he apparently did shut down his blog, only to resurface later – which I would learn is a serial thing with him wherein he has a blog, causes a lot of trouble, wonders why nobody likes him, blames everybody for what he did, closes the blog, opens a new one, attacks people, blames everybody for what he did, wonders why nobody reads or links to  him, closes the blog and then opens a new one again. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. He also resurfaces with different usernames that are typically variations on whatever names he has used before, as you will see.

So I realized that there was something wrong with the guy and I honestly didn’t much think about him after that, although I became aware that he opened a new blog, and he also made a few comments to the A-C page that I run at facebook including one in which he threatened other fans of the page (I deleted the comment as soon as I saw it because I have already had problems with people trying to get the page shut down). I still thought it best to avoid him as much as possible and try not provoke him due to his unhinged nature.

On Christmas Day, my friend Karen, who runs The Lonely Conservative blog, was seriously injured in a bad fall. While she was suffering and in pain, someone offered to “help” her with the blog and Karen accepted, allowing this person to contribute to her blog while she began what would become a long road to recovery. I initially was happy to see that she was getting some assistance, until I realized who exactly it was “helping” her. The “help” came from “Pat in Michigan” who is the same person that had attacked Stacy McCain. I had a bad feeling, but hoped that he had changed. It became quickly apparent that he had not, and he used Karen’s blog to attack conservatives, other bloggers, and commenters to TLC, and to ask people to give him money. Karen quickly realized that “Pat” was not appropriate for The Lonely Conservative and declined any further “help” from him.

Then, last week, “Patrick” repeatedly attacked my friend, Robert Stacy McCain, and the attacks were picked up by other bloggers and that caused more attacks against Stacy from elsewhere, turning into a whole big mess, but Stacy was still very kind towards “Patrick” and generously linked to him more than a few times which resulted in “Patrick” getting what was probably the best traffic he’s ever had, and yet, he continued to attack Stacy. While this was all happening, I had been busy setting up everything I needed here at my new website so that I could finally delete the old Blogger hosted blog including setting up a new blogroll here. “Patrick” posted in my comments section asking to be added to my blogroll, while at the same time continuing to attack Stacy but saying that he wanted nothing to do with Stacy or anyone who is a friend of Stacy’s. So I declined, as politely as possible, although I was aware that even being gentle might trigger a fit of screaming from the perpetually angry “Patrick”. Here is what I said:

I don’t want to be mean, Patrick, but you should know that Stacy McCain is my friend and I am HIS friend. I did not like the way you trash talked about him or some of the nasty things you have said in his comments section in the past.  I have also seen you viciously attack other friends of mine as well. I don’t have anything against you, you have always been nice to me personally, but I have also seen the way you attacked commenters at The Lonely Conservative when she let you guest blog there. I don’t know about whatever beef it is you have with my friends and I don’t much care, but if I want to read hit pieces, insults, and nasty curses hurled against my colleagues, well there’s the MSM and their lefty bloggers I could be reading, and I don’t bother with THOSE because they sicken me.
When the day comes that I say something you do not agree with, is that the sort of thing I can look forward to also? No offense, but you have a tendency to go very unhinged very easily and I have to admit that I have reservations about adding you back into the blogroll.
Every few days you say you’re getting out of the blog business anyway.
I hope this doesn’t trigger something ugly from you, but if it does, be aware that I have rules here for that sort of thing and I am also not nearly as polite as some of my other friends when I am attacked.

EDITED TO ADD: I see you are still griping about Stay and say you don’t want anything to do with him (while still posting to his comments section) or his friends. Well I AM STACY’S FRIEND, so you really don’t want to be associated with the likes of me anyway.

Later that day, a friend sent me an email with a link to a 2007 post at Ace of Spades, and I began to understand just how messed up “Patrick” truly is. I then did some more research and was pretty creeped out by else what I found.

Via Ace of Spades:

Internet Loser of the Week

Chuck Adkins. A sort of ironic name, given the fact that I think it’s plain to see the man enjoys his donuts.

A co-blogger at Cold Fury posted a fairly innocuous, though critical, post about Fatboy NotSlim up there.

So how did Lovehandles McGee respond?

This might explain why this Christina Hendrix bitch is dead, If I had to hang around idiots like that, I’d fucking die too.Yeah, I said that, I meant ever fucking word of it.

Here’s the background: Christina Hendrix is Mike from Cold Fury’s recently deceased wife. She died in a motorcycle accident about half a year ago.

You stay classy, Wranglers Husky.  MORE HERE

But wait, there’s more!  He has also attacked Pamela Geller in the comments section of Atlas Shrugs, has attacked other Jewish bloggers and railed against non-Jewish bloggers as “Jew ass-kissers”. Additionally, he published Michelle Malkin’s home address, her private phone number, and an aerial view of her house.

Via RedState:

Yesterday over at NewsRealBlog, Jenn Q. Public and our own Lori Ziganto posted this humorous piece, lampooning the inevitable trainwreck that is Meghan McCain’s forthcoming book.  It’s definitely worth the few minutes it will take you to read it, especially if you like a good laugh.  In response, some jackass writing at a site called felt that an appropriate response would be to call Jenn and Lori “jew ass kissers” who write for a site owned by a “neocon Jew” who is apparently interested in “keeping the Jew bankers rich.” Seriously. A screenshot of his racist filth is below:

Some folks on twitter noticed, and the post was scrubbed of all the racist comments, with an explanation in an update that the author didn’t want to give any “semite-baiting twits” any ammo. Not sure you’re helping your cause there, buddy.

At this point, you might ask why we at RedState are bothering to give this twit any attention at all, and that’s a very good question.  Were this any other standard-issue anti-Semitic paleocon, we’d be perfectly happy to keep ignoring him.  But it turns out that attempting to erase history from the internet isn’t a new game for Mr.; this particular delightful piece of work has surfaced before. This guy “Patrick” is apparently aka “Paleo Pat” who is also apparently aka Chuck Adkins.  Chuck Adkins, for those who don’t know, is the jerk who published Michelle Malkin’s home address and phone number on the internet, who also famously made enemies with the entire world by calling a recently-dead blogger’s wife a “b***h” and saying she died to avoid hanging around with him anymore.  Well, apparently he’s resurfaced with the new name “Patrick,” but the Internet always remembers.

He has said that murdered children deserved being shot to death. He also has made death threats to other bloggers. Chuck, Charles Patrick Adkins, Paleo Pat, Old Right Blogger, DetroitRight, and k8cpa are some of the monikers he has used, I do not doubt that there are more. Some of the blogs he has had include “the Populist”, “Political Byline”, and the current one, “Thoughts and Rantings” He has been attacking people and then shutting down his blogs when he gets called out and then resurfacing in new ones under different variations of his name for nearly a decade, all the while unemployed and living in his mom’s basement. Here are some more links so you can be well informed, lest you also be fooled the next time he resurfaces and pretends to be normal before inevitably devolving into his true self:
(language warning):

Here is where “Pat”‘s attacks started against Cold Fury’s Mike and his recently deceased wife. Horrible:

Here is audio of “Patrick” attempting to justify the disgusting things he said, it is rambling, incoherent, and filled with cursing, and then at one point, he starts speaking ebonics, go figure:

More recently, he trolled the comments section at Althouse and called Ann Althouse a “dumb twat” and said he was “proud” to have said it. He apparently cannot get along with anybody for very long, as evidenced by a screed he left at a multi-contributor blog called Alexandria in which he mistook a male target of his rage for a female who he said was “some bitch with a dirty tampon personal problem”. Gross.  In the comments section there, you can see more of the same from him.

“Patrick” is about 40 years old, and as best as I can figure, it has been NINE years now that he hasn’t worked while he has been blogging hatred from his mom’s basement, and that’s not a figure of speech, he really does live in his parent’s basement as he has for the past nine years while not working. Obviously he can type, so even with no other skills he probably could find some sort of work, except for the fact that he is mentally unstable. Commenters from 2007 said he’s been doing ugly things on teh interwebz for at least ten years so now we’re looking at 15 years of unhinged evil, under a whole butt load of blogs that have been opened and closed and a slew of usernames, all the same dude.

The other day, “Patrick” sent a link to Bill Quick of The Daily Pundit (Bill’s the guy who named the Blogosphere) to a post containing a video of himself featuring an incoherent rambling “manifesto” type rant in which he continues to whine about the fact that Stacy McCain was nice to him, the video has sine been removed by “Patrick” but you can see a quote from his weird post at The Daily Pundit. Bill had never been to “Patrick”‘s new blog before he was contacted by “Patrick”, but for whatever reason, “Patrick” banned Bill from “Patrick”‘s comment section. Whatever.

While it is generally best to ignore people like “Patrick”, as his pathology seems to be all about trying to get attention, after learning what I now know about the guy, I think it would be a disservice to the public at large and my fellow conservative bloggers in particular if I did not share this information because he clearly causes damage wherever he goes that people are unaware of what he’s all about. So, now you know. Be careful out there.


UPDATE: “Patrick”‘s obsession with Stacy McCain escalates, as he is now issuing what appear to be death threats to Stacy on Twitter and at “Patrick”‘s blog.

UPDATE II: “Patrick” apparently thinks it’s a good idea to tell the world when he has diarrhea.  H/T doubleplusundead who has screen caps of “Patrick”‘s Tweets.


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