>This Ain’t Gonna be Pretty – UPDATE: THANK YOU!!!

>This is what it looks like when I start to break. It ain’t gonna be pretty, but if I’m going down, I might as well share my meltdown here so you won’t have to wonder where I went or what the happened, it will all be right here, and anyway, it’s fun to watch other people crack, right?

Might as well throw in some breakdown music:

I love Alice Cooper, and everything is better with Muppets, even losing your freaking mind.

My Dental Hell/sinus infection is not getting any better; after the first round of antibiotics failed, they put me on another, stronger med, and I am halfway through the course of the new prescription and still in pain and sick. This thing is really kicking the life outta me! If this post turns out to be a garbled bunch of nonsense, I shall blame it on the mass of horribleness that feels like it is pressing on my brain by now and the accompanying intermittent fevers which continue to plague me.

My daughter, The Little Girl Resister, is very sick today. She woke up this morning and although she said she had a tummy ache, she wanted breakfast, so I gave it to her, and shortly thereafter she regurgitated it up all over my kitchen floor, and has continued vomiting throughout the day and into the night. The poor kid can’t keep anything down, nor has she been able to make it to the bathroom in time (yes I gave her a bucket but she gets up anyway because she’s a determined little child). So every 5-10 minutes or so since about seven this morning, I have been cleaning up big puddles of puke from the floor in pretty much every room. This is how bad it is: instead of yelling at them for being gross, I actually got to the point when I thanked my disgusting dogs for “helping” with the cleanup. Yep, because all I can do once it begins wherever she is standing is try to comfort her and keep her hair from getting barfed on again, as she has already needed to be washed twice today. And then once the throwing up is temporarily over, I carry her back to the couch or her bed, and then I proceed to get the disinfecting supplies out to sanitize, and every five minutes or so I give her a teeny bit of water or Pedialyte (which I was able to buy today thanks to a nice person who hit my Tip Jar – thanks!) and wait for the next round. It has been brutal for us both. Every hour or so she says she is hungry, but any nibble of anything no matter how bland, comes back up shortly after.

When I went to the store today to get the Pedialyte, I ran into another mom, who was there with her kids that happen to be my little girl’s school friends. I mentioned that my girl was sick and when I said her name, one of her little friends told me that my daughter is “the smartest kid in school!” She really is such a good girl and a terrific student (she’s in first grade). She’s upset that she won’t be going to school tomorrow, but it just started snowing here so maybe class will be canceled and my little over-achiever won’t miss anything.

The non-stop cycle of sickness and cleaning up after said sickness has left me only a few minutes at a time to do anything else, which is why the A-C Page, which is normally very active, has no new posts today, in case you were wondering. 

Just to give you an idea of how sick my sweet girl is, it has taken me nearly six hours to write all of the above words due to the frequent need to stop to comfort her and to mop up vomit.

It has been very cold here, but luckily, we were able to fix the furnace and get the heat back on, but it came with a heavy price, which is that we didn’t have any money left for the damned electric bill this month. I was hoping that they’d leave us be for a little while because they used to let folks alone in the middle of winter if you were a little late, but no such luck this time – they left me a lovely little note stuck to my front door while I was busy cleaning up puke today telling me that if I don’t pay them by the end of the day tomorrow, they will shut us off the day after. We were already in a re-payment plan for past due + new charges because things have been so hard the past two years, but because we missed this last payment, they hold no quarter for us now. If we have no electric, not only does our oil heat not work, but the gas oven needs electric to make it go on and set the temperature so I’ll only have the stove (which I can light with a match), and worse, because we are in a rural area and on a well, if the power goes out we will have no running water.

I was worried about my internet getting shut off next week, but figured if I sold some ads or something, I might be able to cover it, but that has become a moot point, because with no electric, that is gone too, and it is bundled with the phone service. I will of course go begging to the power company tomorrow and see if I can talk them into a partial payment, but they tend to ask for more than we have available, and at the moment, there ain’t much available at all.

It didn’t used to be this way! We were once (lower) middle class, we were never rich but we paid our bills on time, were able to put aside a little for savings and even could do fun stuff as a family once in a while. That was before Obamanomics took its toll on the country and our family, as I have explained previously.

If we end up in the dark, I’ll take the kids to stay with family until we can get things sorted out, but I am really hoping that it doesn’t come to that. Wish me luck.

So that’s pretty much what I’m dealing with, I will not let the kids see me break, but they don’t read this blog, so here are my guts spilt on this page just like so much of what I have been cleaning up from my sick kid.

Traffic has been been growing and remains steady even on days when I don’t blog, I am forever amazed at how many old posts from my archives still find new readers and often wonder where those new people are finding my stuff from. My point in mentioning that is, of course, so people know that if they have ads here, or want to put ads here, they will still be seen! If you or someone you know has a business or organization that could use some reasonably priced advertising, please let them know that I offer custom made ads – but they need to get in touch with me soon, as I may be gone for a little while if I can’t chase the wolves away again this time.

I have got to go tend to my girl, please say a little prayer that she gets better soon! If she isn’t better tomorrow, we are going to the doctor, if she gets worse tonight, then it will be the ER (I truly hope it doesn’t come to that, because now there is a full blown snow storm outside and the hospital 40 minutes away on a good day). I hate to see her so miserable, she is really such a sweet and good girl, it rips my heart right out knowing she is suffering.

May we all live to see better days and a strong America yet again. Thanks for reading, I love you all.

UPDATE – January 17, 2012:

You people are WONDERFUL! I am sorry that it has taken so long to update this post today, but the kids have kept me very busy and I have been trying to send out as many “thank you” emails as I can to those of you who helped every chance I got to sit down (I have been at it since this morning and am only about halfway done). I am overwhelmed with gratitude and relief and am struggling to find words to express how amazing I think you all are. THANK YOU from the very depths of my soul, it looks like we are going to be OK! The electric bill isn’t just paid, but paid off, meaning that I was able to pay the whole thing so that next month we will just have a normal bill like everybody else without that snowballing “past due amount” adding so much extra burden to the thing and it is all because of you beautiful kind people. Thank you so very much! My little girl is doing better, she has been keeping down her liquids and some food and now just has a cough and a bit of a fever. Hopefully we have turned a corner on this thing, and I know it is because of your kind thoughts and prayers on our behalf. Thank you and God Bless you!

I still have many, many, more email thank you notes to send out, and I also need to update this post with links to the fabulous Bloggers who linked to me, but I am starting to fall asleep at my keyboard so I will need to do it in the morning, but please know that I am grateful beyond my ability to describe. THANK YOU!

Extra special thanks to Peter DaTechguy for letting everyone know about what was happening here, and a huge thank you to Professor Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for sending an INSTALANCHE of kindness, good will, generosity and prayers!

You all have come to my rescue in a bigger way than I can ever have imagined. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I will update more tomorrow, send more thank you emails to people who hit the tip jar, and link back to blogger friends who linked here, but now I need to hit the pillows, and I think I will sleep better than I have in a very long time, and it is all thanks to you. God bless you, and goodnight!

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