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>Let’s Make a Miracle Happen

>America’s Last Real Reporter, Robert Stacy McCain has been enduring weeks of grueling on the road campaign travel to bring us the very best in Conservative coverage for the Republican Presidential Primaries, and he has been doing it all on hits to his tip jar from readers like you. Stacy now finds himself 400 miles from home with his son Jefferson and in need of a miracle.

Stacy is just about flat broke and needs our help to get back home. He needs gas money, and then after that, he will need help to get him to Florida and beyond to continue providing the very best Conservative political reporting and insights that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Whether you can spare only a dollar or if you can give a whole lot more, please visit The Other McCain right now and Hit Stacy’s Tip Jar. Stacy says he needs a miracle; be that miracle, please. Let’s give the man something to smile about and help him and his boy get home!

We need Stacy McCain, because our news media fails us at every turn, so please help him out – do it for America!

This is for you, Stacy, one of my favorite songs, and sung by a man wearing a fedora, even:

Godspeed, Stacy.

UPDATE: Stacy has made it back home and it looks like he will be going to Florida! Thank you to everyone who helped him, and if you haven’t yet, please consider hitting his tip jar so he doesn’t find himself hundreds of miles from home and broke again while working for all of us!

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>Quick Resister Update

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>Dental Hell

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