>Free Speech Hating Peas in an Anti-Semitic Pod

>Free speech in America is under attack, and the people who want to silence Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to say things that some people might not like have claimed another victory.

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
– Omar Ahmad, chairman and co-founder of CAIR – 1998

CAIR is a terror-linked, sharia pushing, islamic supremacist front group for the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood whose self stated goal for the United States and the West is this (in their own words):

The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion [islam] is made victorious over all other religions.

Bare Naked Islam is a popular and edgy counter-jihad blog that recently found itself in CAIR’s cross-hairs because BNI supported the right of home improvement store Lowe’s to not be forced to advertise (and pay for said advertising) on a low-rated TV show that tries to whitewash islamic supremacism. CAIR does not like that BNI uses language which does not bow to the cultural marxism of ‘political correctness’ and tells the truth about the brutal and atrocious crimes against humanity that are committed every single day all over the world by islamic supremacists for islam. So CAIR has been pushing to get the blog Bare Naked Islam shut down, because CAIR hates free speech. I wrote about this a few weeks ago, HERE, and CAIR did manage to get BNI shut down by its host WordPress for about a day, but BNI was back up after removing some comments that visitors had made to the blog that were deemed “offensive”. That wasn’t good enough for the islamic supremacists who hate free speech though, CAIR (who the federal government has banned the FBI from interacting with due to CAIR’s ties to terrorism) has been howling that they want the FBI to investigate BNI and that they want the blog shut down completely.

Today WordPress removed the blog Bare Naked Islam. (h/t iOwnTheWorld and Blazing Cat Fur). It is a sad day in the Dextrosphere and for freedom loving people everywhere. Via Ironic Surrealism:

It is/was a highly successful anti-Islam blog with 15,332,181 hits and counting.
BNI tweets that Hamas/Muslim Brother Hood front group CAIR is the Islamic culprit behind the suspension. Color me not shocked.
BARE NAKED ISLAM has been taken down by WordPress thanks to CAIR terrorists. Looking for a new host now.

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I spoke to the owner of BNI via email and she says she’ll get the blog back up as soon as she finds a host who is less likely to cave to free speech hating islamobullying; for now you can view a cached page showing the last few BNI posts HERE. The terror-linked, sharia pushing, islamic supremacists at CAIR are quite pleased with themselves about their success in shutting down a blog that told the truth about islamotyranny.

Via American Power:

 Here’s the CAIR press release: “Anti-Muslim Hate Site Removed After CAIR’s Intervention.”

The group alleges that Bare Naked Islam threatened Muslims, and CAIR apparently moved aggressively against the blog for its leading role in attacking TLC’s program “All American Muslim.”

I didn’t blog about that controversy because it wasn’t a controversy. Yeah, the press is stupidly mainstreaming the “religion of peace,” but if folks opposed the program they didn’t have to watch it. CAIR, on the other hand, campaigns to shut down dissenting voices against criticism of Islam. You don’t have a marketplace of ideas if powerful grievance-industry lobbying groups can shut you down with persistent complaints.

Here is more on the subject and some advice from 1389:

This message arrived from someone associated with Bare Naked Islam:

Of course we are looking at WordPress to tell us why, but it seems their staff is conveniently on holidays until Jan 2nd…[still were there to take her site down, we note].
I am hoping the site can be brought back with another server if this one keeps caving in to CAIR, or whichever variation is forcing the issue.

The last time BNI was taken down, CAIR was to blame.

For what it’s worth, you can email WordPress Support at support@wordpress.com.
We would suggest that counterjihad bloggers make plans to obtain independent hosting if at all possible.   RTR

What do islamic supremacists and Ron Paul fans have in common (besides their rabid anti-Semitism)? They hate free speech if it contains unflattering truths about their cause.

I am currently under attack by a swarm of rabid Ron Paul supporters who are trying to get the A-C page that I have run at facebook since May of 2010 shut down get me banned from the place. Two weeks ago, they started relentlessly verbally abusing me and the regulars who comment to the A-C page, and then reporting anything I said to them in return as ‘abusive‘, so I no longer respond to them and simply delete their insane rants and ban them from making any more insane rants there. Of course they did not like THAT and it has made them go super duper extra mega crazy to the point that now every single time I post any links to a news or blog story that is not offering glowing praise of their dear leader, they file complaints to facebook which causes facebook to automatically log me out of my account and then when I log back in I get a message that I have been reported for ‘possible violations’. One of the paulbots told a friend of mine that they planned to get the A-C page shut down, and apparently they mean it.

It seems to me that the Ron Paul fans’ talk of loving the Constitution and freedom is a big steaming pile of crap because they HATE free speech, and will do whatever they can to silence it, unless that speech is in favor of their moonbat messiah Ron Paul.

If you think people should be free to voice their opinion, even if their opinion is not favorable to Ron Paul, then be sure to “like” the A-C page while you still can. If you happen to be reading this and you are a Ron Paul fan (and now you’re getting ready to fire off a huge diatribe in my comments section telling me how I’m working for the Illuminati or the Bilderbergs), before you waste time that would probably be better spent doing what my friend at the Pagan Temple knows that you like to do, then you really should probably brush up on the policy that is in place here for your kind first.

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