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>Lara Logan Courageously Speaks Out

>Lara Logan, the reporter who was brutally tortured and sexually assaulted by a frenzied mob in Egypt is bravely speaking out about what happened to her.

Here is a clip from the CBS interview that will air on the CBS program 60 Minutes on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 7 pm EST:

Bare Naked Islam has a post from February with graphic and horrible details of what Ms. Logan endured at the hands of islamomisogynists who view women as subhuman entities HERE. At That’s So Haram, Keiko explains that the savagery described in the BNI article is typical of islamic rapes:

This is REAL Islamic rape. I knew the white-washed story the mediawas giving was a bunch of bullshit. Islamic rape is brutal. It is savage. It is dehumanizing and soul-destroying. Westerners–especially women–don’t know what Islamic rape is!! In the West when a woman is raped it is usually by one male, generally done very quickly, and only in some cases is there extreme violence/torture involved or death. Rape as we know it in the West is horrific enough. But Islamic rape is ALWAYS a pure, living, hellish, nightmare.

Lara Logan may never be the same again. Please pray for her total healing–physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically. Ask the Lord to out-do Himself with love and mercy towards her.

From the CBS article about her 60 Minutes appearance, here is a brief rundown of what happened:

On Feb. 11, Logan was on assignment for “60 Minutes” covering Egypt’s mass celebration of its revolution. With her in Tahrir Square in Cairo were her producer, Max McClellan and cameraman Richard Butler. There was also an interpreter and a former member of Britain’s elite military special services acting as a bodyguard.

She reported without incident for nearly an hour before her interpreter heard words in the Arabic-speaking crowd that gave him pause. He advised the team to leave, but before they could, a mob of several hundred men encircled Logan, who soon became separated from her team and bodyguard as the crowd swept her up.

Logan lost contact with her colleagues for approximately 25 minutes and endured a sexual assault and beating that she feared she would not survive. “There was no doubt in my mind that I was in the process of dying,” she tells Pelley. “I thought not only am I going to die, but it’s going to be just a torturous death that’s going to go on forever…”

Thoughts of her two young children helped reinforce her determination to survive the assault, she says, which finally ended when she was rescued by a group of Egyptian women and soldiers. The soldiers drove her and her team back to their hotel, where she was examined by a doctor. She returned to the U.S. the next day and went directly into a hospital, where she was treated for four days.

When Logan saw her children, “I felt like I had been given a second chance that I didn’t deserve…because I did that to them. I came so close to leaving them, to abandoning them,” she says.

Logan, who began her first full day back in her “60 Minutes” office Wednesday (April 27), says she is healing. “I am so much stronger [now].” She hopes her story will give courage to other victims of sexual assault, especially female reporters who fear such admissions may impact their work.

The New York Times has more details:

“There was a moment that everything went wrong,” she recalled.

As the cameraman, Richard Butler, was swapping out a battery, Egyptian colleagues who were accompanying the camera crew heard men nearby talking about wanting to take Ms. Logan’s pants off. She said: “Our local people with us said, ‘We’ve gotta get out of here.’ That was literally the moment the mob set on me.”

Mr. Butler, Ms. Logan’s producer, Max McClellan, and two locally hired drivers were “helpless,” Mr. Fager said, “because the mob was just so powerful.” A bodyguard who had been hired to accompany the team was able to stay with Ms. Logan for a brief period of time. “For Max to see the bodyguard come out of the pile without her, that was one of the worst parts,” Mr. Fager said. He said Ms. Logan “described how her hand was sore for days after — and the she realized it was from holding on so tight” to the bodyguard’s hand.

They estimated that they were separated from her for about 25 minutes.

“My clothes were torn to pieces,” Ms. Logan said.

She declined to go into more detail about the assault but said: “What really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.”

After being rescued by a group of civilians and Egyptian soldiers, she was swiftly flown back to the United States. “She was quite traumatized, as you can imagine, for a period of time,” Mr. Fager said. Ms. Logan said she decided almost immediately that she would speak out about sexual violence both on behalf of other journalists and on behalf of “millions of voiceless women who are subjected to attacks like this and worse.”

Before the assault, Ms. Logan said, she did not know about the levels of harassment and abuse that women in Egypt and other countries regularly experienced. “I would have paid more attention to it if I had had any sense of it,” she said. “When women are harassed and subjected to this in society, they’re denied an equal place in that society. Public spaces don’t belong to them. Men control it. It reaffirms the oppressive role of men in the society.” READ THE WHOLE THING HERE

Please pray for Ms. Logan’s continued healing. I commend her for her courage in speaking out about such an unimaginably awful experience, I hope that her voice will give hope to other women who have gone through similar ordeals and raise awareness of the evil way women are treated by islam.

Hat Tips to: Jihad Watch, The Lonely Conservative, and Weasel Zippers.

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