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Over the weekend, Obama’s Department of Homeland Security seized and shut down some 70 web domains without warning because they were distributing bootlegged music and videos.

Wikileaks posted classified government information (that was stolen by a treasonous Army PRIVATE)  starting back in July and the Obama administration did nothing to stop further sensitive information from being released to the public from that entity.

When word came this weekend that the Wikileaker was preparing to release hundreds of thousands more classified government documents, the Obama administration responded by sending LETTER asking them not to. (Seriously, a gosh darned letter!)

Now that the documents were released and, as it turns out, they make Obama look REALLY bad, he has announced, after the fact, that they intend to begin taking the security of our sensitive information seriously.

Maybe if they’d been even remotely as concerned about keeping data stored in our military computers secure as they were over people grabbing a free copy of a movie or song off the internet, this whole fiasco could have been avoided.

Way to prioritize, Barry!

h/t Sarah PalinThis Ain’t Hell and Legal Insurrection

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