1,044,165 Hits!

As of this writing, Zilla of the Resistance has enjoyed a grand total of 1,044,165 page views!

Over at the old site, which I left over 3 years ago to blog on my own server, the old blog has gotten 866,144 Page views which includes over 50 thousand views in the past month (!!!!!) despite the fact that I haven’t put anything new there in 3 years until now (thank you for showing me that my works before I got really sick still have merit)!

When I moved here to the new site, I lost all my blog traffic and I still see blogrolls in the ether that have me linked only at my old address, but in the past 3 + years that the Zilla blog has been at MareZilla.com I’ve managed to scrape up another 178,109 views, which brings my grand Zilla blogging total to 1,044,165 hits!

Thank you, everyone, for helping me to reach this major blogging milestone. I hope some of the people still visiting the old site will consider visiting here me at the “new” site, where I’ve been writing for three years and hoping they’d stop by.

I think I’ll start putting new stuff there again, since that is apparently where the bulk of my readers still visit, even if it’s just so I can let those visitors know about new stuff at Zilla of the Resistance at MareZilla.com.

As many of you know, I have been very ill for a very long time, which has limited my writing abilities substantially, and fighting for my life is expensive; I struggle to make ends meet and pay for my medical needs. I would like to write more, and any bit of generosity from reader friends would be greatly appreciated, be incredibly helpful, would lessen the load of things that I need to worry about, cheer me up, and encourage me to write more. Just putting that out there cuz I had extra medical expenses in the past few weeks and my cable/phone/internet company just jacked up the rates for my cable/phone/internet service so I don’t think I’ll be able to stay connected to the world without some help or a miracle.

Thanks again for the million plus views, it has been my great pleasure and a huge honor to write for you! I really do love you all.


UPDATE:   Thanks to two kind reader friends who HTTJ, I am out of danger of losing my connection to the interwebz/phone/cable and that is a huge burden lifted from my mind!

I could still use some help if anyone who may want to assist me can spare it; it would be greatly appreciated and would enable me to get some things that might help me to feel better (like a heating pad, dietary supplements, non-prescription stuff to help fill the big pain gap that prescriptions don’t help, healthier food [for myself, I always make sure that the Lil Resisters have high quality food, but I can’t always include myself in a good menu due to the expense], maybe a trip to the doctor again soon to see if they can/are willing to properly address my pain which is currently not being well managed AT ALL, and of course, I’d be really happy if I had some wiggle room to try out new educational materials and learning opportunities with my homeschooled children).

Thank you from the depths of my heart to the two friends who came to my aid, and thank you to anyone else who might want to join them. And of course, thank you again to all of you who’ve been visiting here with me and offering me kind words, thoughts, and prayers for these past almost six years.




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