Passing The Torch

God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other. – Serenity Prayer


Hey there. I am still alive. My health continues to deteriorate but I do my best to adapt my surroundings to my physical limitations so I can find ways to push through the agony so I can get stuff done here at home with and for my family every day and that takes pretty much all of my not big to begin with energy, stamina, and brain power, and I’m still having neurological problems that interfere with my verbal & written communication skills, but I just learned that my phone will take dictation in the body of a blog post for me, so here I am.

I apologize for whatever bad grammar may appear here, kooky typos or autocorrects, and anything else nonsensical that may be caused by me talking instead of typing to my phone instead of a computer to do a blog post when I can’t really move.

I can’t really follow politics much right now because it just aggravates the hell out of me and I can’t spare the energy for that since my energy is in very short supply and needed elsewhere.  I also don’t want to talk much about my illness because I’m sick of it — I have to feel it, I have to live it, I have to (apparently) accept it, and I’m already very tired, but here’s the gist of it in case you were wondering:

I feel like awful pretty much all of the time and that is periodically interrupted by these devastating and terrifying migrating explosive pain seizures that completely incapacitate me from out of nowhere and can last for minutes or for hours. I don’t even have words for how painful it is or for how time consuming and annoying the nausea or the digestive issues are or how vexhating the physical weakness and exhaustion are, or how my increasing loss of mobility both scares and frustrates the ever living heck out of me.


Life isn’t all bad here at the Resister House, however, the kids are doing great and being able to customize their education to their individual needs and interests because we homeschool is helping them to make good use of the freedoms they enjoy here while they also mind their individual responsibilities. We are happy with our lives here.


Technology has been helpful on my end as my children’s teacher since it puts educational materials right where I need them when I need them there no matter how crippled up I am. But we are country people, so a lot of our homeschooling gets done outside (because we can) because the kids love our woods, swampland, and the little creek that runs through the middle of our property.

We have taken our love of nature and combined it with our ease for using technology and that seems to be working out pretty well for us.

The Lil Resisters are interested in blogging, so we decided together to build a website separate from the Zilla Blog or my other internet properties where they can share their photos, art, stories, and adventures. The new site is called

I don’t know when I’ll be up to blogging anywhere again (maybe soon now that I know that  I can type without actually typing, maybe not so soon because I’m not up to even that after my mom-jobs) but my daughter is a prolific artist & writer and she knows how to work the blog tools so she’ll be posting at the new site – you all know her as Lil Zilla & at almost 11 she ain’t so lil’ anymore, so her new blog name is BAVV, and she now has access to post stuff here at the Zilla blog too if she wants to.

My son is 8 and he likes to photoshop crazy funny stuff onto pictures he takes, so expect to see some silliness from the Boy Resister whose new blog name is actually a name my husband’s buddies gave to him, so please visit the new place to meet The Hammer (of the Resistance).

I’m still tinkering with the site design as time & energy allows, but the place is live if you want to stop by and say hello to the family. The artist formerly known as Lil Zilla and currently blogging as BAVV at has her first blog post up, please click HERE to see it and feel free to say hello in the comments section there if you like.


I can’t do anything that I’m not already doing to try to preserve what’s left of my ravaged health, but I can do the best that I am able to play the hand that I’ve been dealt and try to make the most of whatever time I’m given here with my beautiful family while I have it. The new website for & from my family is something I hope some of you will enjoy seeing as much as we will enjoy sharing with you, so please check out the new site, where we are Happy Down By The Creek at BAVV, The Hammer, and I hope to see you there soon!





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