Full Circle of Hell

One might think that after receiving a spectacular honor from a highly esteemed fellow blogger to start off the year of 2015 that I’d have come back to this blog sooner, but my health issues simply have not allowed it, and now I am in very serious medical danger from something that kinda brings me back to the thing that put me on the long,confusing, and frightening journey that I have been trying to muddle through for these past three  and 1/4 long years in the first place.

Long time readers may remember that at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 I was suffering from nasty infections that I am unfortunately prone to having in my jaws. The same tooth that readers helped me to get a root canal (instead of extraction because it’s a molar that holds up the back end of a bridge over other missing molars I have from previous infections so removing the one bad tooth would actually cause the loss of most of the chewing “teeth” that I have on the upper right side of my mouth). The root canal was never properly finished or adequately sealed up (because it was “complicated”) and now I have a full blown massive infection in my jaw again that is also all up in my sinus, my ear, the “hinge” of my jaw, the whole roof of my mouth on that side, my neck on that side, and all the way around to the back of my head where there is a very angry lymph node about the size of a golf ball at the base of my skull on the right side.

The last big jaw infection had me run through many courses of antibiotics and, while the jaw had still festered, a side effect of relief from some of my over a decade long of undiagnosable or help-able chronic pain when I was on those medicines and the pain in my body’s immediate return when I was off of them eventually led to me finally getting proper diagnosis and the beginning of treatment for my late stage Lyme Disease and other co-infections.

When my lungs went bad and I was twice hospitalized, I had been given tons of steroids that made everything feel better and I kept getting very sick whenever they tried to get me off of them and I learned that I had developed Adrenal Insufficiency which means that my body cannot produce the hormone cortisol which is something a body requires to remain alive. While searching for a good endocrinologist I tried to manage it on my own and I managed it poorly which led to my developing Cushing’s Syndrome. I did finally find a good doctor who has been helping me to come back from the evil and ugly Cushing’s, but as that clears, my AI rears it’s head and then I suffer until I increase my replacement cortisone enough to make it better – but for pretty much this entire winter so far, the extra steroids have not really been doing what they are supposed to do despite bringing back the dreaded Cushing’s bloat and disfigurement.

The reason why my AI is out of control is because of the now raging infection (from that one bad tooth) that seems to be taking over the whole right side of my head and neck now. I HAVE TO get that tooth out of my jaw even though it’s gonna leave me missing almost all the molars on the upper right side or the infection can trigger and adrenal crisis that can kill me very quickly if not caught fast enough. The surgery I need can also trigger a crisis and kill me, but it has to be done and I’m hoping that if I get through it OK then maybe I can finally get a handle on my chronic conditions so that perhaps my life will stop slipping past without me and hopefully I can stop feeling AWFUL every day and all of the time.

I do not have dental coverage and the estimate I was given for a “simple extraction” is between $250-$400 depending on how bad it is once the doctor gets in there, and anesthesia is a separate $100 charge. Because pain and stress can also trigger a dangerous crisis, I REALLY need the anesthesia for my own safety. One very kind friend sent some help so I can cover “basic” surgery if it doesn’t get “complicated”, but I will not be able to pay the higher fees if it turns out to be a more involved surgery – and it appears to be my karma that NOTHING medical EVER turns out to be simple for me, and I also can’t afford the anesthesia which I absolutely am going to need — but I made the appointment anyway because, as my primary care doctor has advised me, I am “playing with fire” and am at mortal risk as long as the infection exists.

My primary care physician has given me some antibiotics to try to buy me some time & hopefully keep the infection from worsening. The earliest appointment I could get with the GOOD local oral surgeon (as opposed to the other two I’ve used whose stuff never stays fixed, this doctor is one that both my husband and I have used on occasion for nearly two decades and HIS work STAYS fixed so I figure it’s the best choice even if it ain’t the cheapest and I may fall far short of the payment that is due on the day of service) is for this coming Wednesday, so I have 4 more days of suffering and trying to keep from going into adrenal crisis, and I have 4 days to try to figure out how the heck to pay for it all, and I have 4 days to pray that this all ends well, and 4 days to ask you to please pray for me.

Please wish me luck!

(PS Sorry about typos or what may be gibberish in places above, but I need to go lie down now so proofreading will have to wait.)




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