Post Birthday Thanks

Thank you to everyone who sent kind words, prayers, and assistance in response to my last post about my birthday & the annual dread that it brings. You helped make the day much more bearable and also preserved my internet/phone/cable connection in addition to making it possible for me to get started back on the strong antibiotics I need to go after that nasty infection up in my brain.

Special thanks to my friend Bruce at The E-Blast for sending out a prayer request for me in his awesome newsletter. Bruce’s E-Blast is an awesome daily roundup of news, links, and cool graphics; it started out as a daily email (which it still is) but then Bruce also created a blog for it which now hosts a new post for each daily Blast and allows people to look through the archives for older posts. I think you all would enjoy Bruce’s daily E-Blast and I encourage you to sign up for it or bookmark The E-Blast’s blog, HERE.

I am still very sick, weak, and in a lot of pain, and I remained so through my birthday, but no new bad things happened on my Birthday and the prayers & well wishes from friends and family lifted my spirits, so by my standards it was a pretty good day.

I’m still blogging from my phone, one letter at a time, but I’m getting used to the app I use for it, so even if my condition doesn’t improve soon, maybe I can try to get back to blogging more regularly again since I can use the blogging app on my phone even when I’m too sick & sore to do much of anything else.

Thank you again for your patience, friendship, and support. I love you all.

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