#TinyLittleBabyKitties #Sky #Slatey & The Good, The Bad, and The Birthday

First, the best of the good:

Please visit Blazing Cat Fur to see the latest published Pip Art by Lil Zilla which features BCF’s cat, Pip, enjoying a summer day with two of our cats, BooBoo and Smooshie, HERE.

Smooshie has been shown here at the Zilla Blog before in pictures with the Resister Kittens, Sky and Slatey:

Here is a picture of BooBoo with Slatey Kitten, BooBoo is on the right grooming himself and Slatey is sleeping on the left.

Slatey and BooBoo 7-13-2015

The aquarium holds Froggy, the frog that my daughter grew from an egg when she was in 1st grade; she “won” the right to take him home at the end of that school year 3 years ago when he was still a tadpole. Froggy is an aquatic frog who is now about the size of a man’s hand and he is still growing.

Sky and Slatey are now just about 15 weeks old and they are getting big, but they are still little in comparison to the other cats and they still need special care in feeding – especially Sky who is much smaller than Slatey and doesn’t seem to have as much in the way of bigger kitten teeth yet (unlike her brother, who eats like a lion and looks to want to grow as big as one too) so she can’t eat dry cat food well yet, I have to wet their Kitten Chow or mix it with canned cat food so Sky can eat it – Slateyeats everything, every chance he gets. The kittens are adorable and happy; they are gaining amazing, gravity defying, super-speedy house wrecking play abilities (yes, I will try to get some video of them tearing up the place soon!), and they are well loved by everyone here (people and animals). Here are a few pics I took of them yesterday and this morning for you:

Slatey 7-13-2015

Slatey 15 Weeks Old

Sky 15 Weeks Old


The hot summer brings the turtles up out of the swamps here and they come close to the house where they lay eggs, relax, and let us say hello to them. Here is a big Snapping Turtle that the Lil Resisters found hanging out in our yard last week:


Turtle 2

Turtle 3


The “bad” is that it’s been over a month since my last blog post. Sorry about that. My tick diseases and Adrenal Insufficiency have been tag teaming on me (pro-wrestling style where there is melee in the ring and everyone cheats) and it has been a painful tiresome misery, but I’ll spare you the details because, at this moment in time, I am not doing too awful and I don’t know how long the respite will last so I don’t want to waste that time on discussing illness right now. I will mention, however, that the left hand which I badly injured a while back is much better now – probably as good as it is going to get – it still aches some, but I can use it again and that is good enough for me! Thank you to everyone who has prayed or offered kind thoughts for me, and thank you to friends who helped out to help me get stuff that was needed at that time.


The Birthday is mine, my birthday is this coming Friday, July 17th, and I’ll be forty-something again. I won’t be doing anything special, but my kids and my pets will probably make me smile because they are really good at that.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked the pictures! I can not honestly predict how I’ll be feeling or what I may be capable of from one day to another, so I don’t know when I’ll be back here, but I hope it will be soon and more often. I’m most active on Twitter, because it’s easy to do with very little effort, you can follow me as @ZillaStevenson and @LymeZilla.





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