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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lil Zilla found a beautiful picture of the Heart Nebula on the homepage of today, and it inspired her to create a work of art featuring Blazing Cat Fur’s Pip the Cat enjoying a Valentine Space Trip. Please visit BCF to see my daughter’s latest masterpiece and wish all of our friends there a Happy Valentine’s Day.

The Bing picture has a message with it saying that viewers may only use Bing’s Heart Nebula pic as wallpaper, so below you will find some other nice pictures of the Heart Nebula that I found elsewhere on the web. You can click the pics to be taken to their sources.

IC1805 The Heart Nebula Photo Credit:  Adam Evans

IC1805 The Heart Nebula
Photo Credit:
Adam Evans

IC 1805 – The Heart Nebula

IC1805 the Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia Posted by Greg Parker at New Forest Observatory Photo Credit: Noel Carboni


From my family to all of you, we send you warm wishes that you enjoy love and laughter, not just today, but every day. May God bless you. You know I love you all.


P.S. If you would like to see more awesome images from space, check out Hogewash!, where my friend John posts amazing photos and videos with incredible stellar images just about every day.  Here’s one of A Cosmic Smile:

A Cosmic Smile —






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