Good News!

My long bewildering journey through the dark tech wilderness is nearing its conclusion. Thanks to some very generous blog friends, I was able to order a new laptop through Amazon and it should be here by some time on Wednesday. Thank you to the people who helped and to the people who encourage me. Once I get the computer all set up I will blog every day, as promised, and I will begin to honor Reader’s Choice requests if I receive any. I can hardly wait to be able to blog in the way that works best for me and I am very relieved to know that I will have a reliable computer to help me organize the new Homeschool year that I will be starting for my children very soon. Thanks again! I love you all.



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#ButtHurt Bomber Beaten By Bloggers

In court. Kreepy Kook and perpetually ButtHurt, violent convicted terrorist bomber and perjurer, serial litigator Brett Kimberlin (AKA #SpeedwayBomber) had his day in court with the bloggers he was suing for “defamation” because those bloggers told the truth about Brett Kimberlin, the domestic terrorist who sues people when he gets the … Continue reading

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