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Where’s Mare?

I apologize for my absence, both from the blog and even from most of the social media you find me on, but it has been a tough month and a half or so. My chronic conditions have been difficult to manage since at least this past October and one issue would trigger another in a vicious cycle while my doctors worked fervently with me to find a way to get sort of stabilized, and then just about 2 weeks ago, some kind of upper respiratory virus thing got into my house and knocked the entire Resister Family down – and we are still trying to get back up from it.

Husband NEVER takes off from work, because he knows we can’t easily absorb any lost wages, but he got hit with this illness so hard that he missed three full days of work (with no sick pay) before he was sort-of better and went back. Thank God he is strong and otherwise healthy or we would be in a lot worse shape than we actually are in now. While he was still very sick, we needed him to help take care of us because my children were also sick, and I was the sickest (and still am).

My Adrenal Insufficiency issues became more dangerous (a normal body produces more cortisol from the adrenal glands during times of illness, injury, or other duress, but my body does not make any at all, so I have to take cortisone replacement tablets daily to stay alive and double it when I am sick, and I run an increased risk of having an adrenal crisis which is what happens when a body that needs cortisol isn’t making it or getting it fast enough and that body can go into shock, coma, and/or death), and my AI symptoms were much worse even with the extra cortisone – and the extra cortisone of course brings me back to the damned Cushing’s Syndrome with the puffy face and clothes that don’t fit and more feeling like crap.

I’m still recovering from the upper respiratory thing (which brought back my asthma, but I’m doing OK with my nebulizer meds this time, thank God), and tapering back down to my normal cortisone replacement dose (and hoping that I’ll look less weird again some time soon), and I have now have emergency injections available at home in case a serious problem arises so I reduce my likelihood of dropping dead waiting for an ambulance (ambulance takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour when you call for help around here, and that is in fact why my father died at 58 years old back in 2001).

The kids are feeling better but Lil Zilla still has a cough; when she gets a winter illness the cough tends to stick around for a while even if she is otherwise fine, and the doctors never have anything useful to offer for that so we just go with home remedies if there’s no fever and she feels ok.

It hasn’t been easy to be both chronically and acutely ill in a house full of sick loved ones, but it seems that we are finally all on our way back up, so I figured I’d come here to let you know that I’m still alive and have not forgotten you. Hopefully I will regain some strength and can get back here more often again and soon.

Thank you all for your friendship, prayers, encouragement and support, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again so you know I mean it: I really do love you all.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Fun Festivus fer the rest of yas, Season’s Greetings, and may you all have many reasons to feel joy in your hearts and smiles on your faces as this old year runs itself out and a new one fixes to begin. May God bless you all.





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