#Kittens on VIDEO! Also, #ChronicIllness and Injury Updates

Today is an all over pain and feeling beat up day, which is not unusual for people like me who have chronic permanent illnesses, but in the last week or so I enjoyed a few less bad days in which I had a few hours each day of feeling not terrible and not completely run down. I was able to do a bit more stuff than usual around here during those precious hours so I am grateful for the recent reprieves. I think the fact that I’ve begun taking vitamins regularly along with the herbal supplements of Bromelain and Grape Seed Extract has played some role in the small (but treasured) improvements to my general condition. Thanks to friends who hit the tip jar after I got hurt, I was able to cover non-covered medical expenses and I also was able to buy those vitamins and supplements. Thanks again, friends who helped!


My injured left hand is doing much better, it’s probably about 70% as good as it was before I got hurt and if I am careful with it hopefully the healing will continue because my right hand is still a frustrating painful clumsy thing to try to use and using it only makes it worse and creates messes because my right hand drops things regardless of what my brain tries to tell it to do. I am sure that the prayers people sent up on my behalf are largely responsible for my left hand not being ruined, so thank you to everyone who has prayed for me or sent out kind thoughts from their hearts.


The kittens are growing fast and have now fully integrated with the rest of the family animals. Here’s a video of them taken today for your enjoyment:

I hope you enjoyed the three minutes of kittehs. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll try to get back here again as soon as I can with new stuff about not me.





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